The Business Career, Philosophy and Book of Vijay Eswaran

It is a mark of good motivational speakers if the books written by them are able to capture their right audience. It should also inspire their readers and generate the best solutions that could help people. One of these motivational speakers that aspire to such aim is Vijay Eswaran. He’s a businessman, motivational speaker and he is also known by his readers for his personal philosophy.

The Businessman

It can be said that Vijay Eswaran is already known for being a Malaysian businessman. He is also the Executive Chairman for Qi Group of Companies. He’s a go-getter, and also a successful entrepreneur at best. His business record is impeccable, impressive and at the same time influential. Many people have already enjoyed the prosperity he generated. Many have enjoyed the benefits that he has initiated in his ventures. Another outstanding thing that can be said about him is the fact that he initially started a multi-level marketing company. He then later transformed it into Qi Group. This transition has now transformed his previous firm into an e-commerce company. This new firm has networks in the media, travel, telecommunications and training industries. It should also be added that the success of Eswaran has also expanded to 10 countries.


The personal philosophy of Eswaran would have to be centered on service. He wants to spread prosperity with his business ventures. But he also wants to make sure that the right programs reach to the right communities. He does this by initiating social responsibility programs through the charity arm of QI group.

His Motivational Speaker Career

One of the many other ventures of Eswaran is to write motivational books. His book “Two Minutes From The Abyss” can be found in Amazon. It is a retelling of some of the important insight that Eswaran has learned all through his career. It is there that people can learn how he has managed to deal with the challenges in business. The book also shares some of the tips he himself uses in his life. It is the book that also shares some of the effective mind-setting methods that Eswaran uses. These mind setting methods include total focus, detachment and analysis.