Squaw Valley Releases Statement to Assure Safety of Its Customers

Last October, Placer County, California experienced massive rainstorm, and the area was flooded with water. It led to the water system at Squaw Valley being contaminated with E. Coli bacteria and coliform. Even though there were no serious health issues reported, the resort closed down its various restaurants to avoid any health problems. The resort, however, catered to people who visited for skiing and were provided with bottled water and were asked to avoid tap water at all costs.


The contamination was detected during a routine water test by the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Such tests are regular after the heavy rainstorm. It was then the bacteria were reported, and a thorough treatment of the water took place of the four wells that served water to the resort. It was revealed that that only one out of the three wells showed higher contamination, while the other three had low levels of bacteria. The final tests showed that all E-coli bacteria had been removed and the coliform levels have come down to the normal one.


As the news of the contamination went viral, the Public Relations Director, Liesl Kenny issued a statement on November 30th that the contaminated water was completely stopped from being accessed by the public and that they were working with the Placer County Environmental Health Department to ensure that the safety of the public.


The resort held the Winter Olympics in 1960 within its premises. It has also been named one of the historic landmarks in California and is one of the most desirable places for Ski lovers in America. The resort holds a total area of 6,200 acres with 270 trails and 43 lifts in total. The resort is dedicated to providing their customers with a world class experience. The company has been awarded the Best Ski Resort in North America by 10 Best reader’s Choice as well as USA Today.


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