Securus Technologies, the Number One Provider of Prison Communications Services

Providing prison communication and security services can at times get tricky. In any penitentiary, it is common for you to find bad and the very worst of individuals ever to roam planet earth. Driven by self-interests, they do everything including anything to satisfy their weird desires, something that does not end even when they are behind bars.


It is at such a juncture that Securus Technologies steps in. For more than three decades, the company has been the leading provider of prison communication services. However, with time, Securus Technologies has become smarter introducing new features into its prisons’ communication networks to monitor operations in and out of the jail environment.


To a large extent, the technology currently provided for by Securus has proven to be worthwhile, helping security agencies monitor and apprehend cartels that operate within and out of the American Penitentiary system. Today, Securus Technologies is an employer to more than a thousand people and serves more than two thousand correctional facilities across the U.S.


Under the stewardship of Richard A. Smith, Securus Technologies has been able to grow and expand outdoing its competitors in more ways than one. Presently, the company boasts of its cell Phone Defender technology. Thanks to the tech, Securus has helped prison facilities to discourage illegal activities within their confines indirectly. Other services rendered by Securus Technologies include cataloging detainee information and parolee tracking.


Since Securus provides new products and services weekly, it has been subject to many positive reviews from customers. For example, state agencies have been able to prosecute felons based on information given by Securus Technologies. Also, Securus Technologies has gotten applauded because of its unique tools that have helped forensic teams do a thorough investigation, something that has helped bring criminals to book. To a large extent, Securus Technologies has helped shield society from vices that occur within the prison environment.