Securus Technologies Building Highly Efficient Drone Detection Technology for Corrections Space

For many decades, inmates have been finding new and improved ways to smuggle cell phones and drugs inside the prison. Since criminals are used to these luxuries outside the prison, they cannot live without it when they are locked up. Thus, their demand for these products grows to such an extent that many criminals with associates on the outside try to smuggle them in. Many different methods are used for the purpose such as bribing or threatening guards or smuggling them in when some relatives come to the prison for visitations. But, with high-security cameras all around, these methods have become quite risky.


Today, inmates are using hi-tech methods to smuggle the illegal goods inside the prison. The most popular one is that of using drones. One can find drones in the market quickly, and they are not very costly too. They are the perfect tool to carry the packages containing drugs or cell phones without the operator getting detected or caught. The operators can stay miles away from the prison and use the cameras installed on the drone to see where it is going. Once the drone is in the backyard, the package is dropped somewhere where the inmates can easily find it. Many times, these drones fly close to the windows of the cells, and then the inmates catch the packages without even leaving their cells. The growing popularity of this method has led the prison officials to find a way to stop the smuggling.


The use of drones needs to be stopped if the correctional institutions need to be safe and secure. If there are no regulations on the usage of drones to supply contraband, then the inmates would continue to get the contraband supplies in large quantities, and it would prove to be disastrous for the security of the correctional facilities. Many advanced drones are available these days that are very fast and are very hard to detect as well. However, the drone detection technology by Securus Technologies has proved to be highly effective in identifying the drones’ position as soon as they enter the perimeter of the prison facility. It would give the exact location of the drone to the correctional officers so that they can confiscate the drones and the contraband supplies it is aiming to supply.


Securus Technologies has for long been one of the biggest suppliers of the criminal justice technology in the market, and by rolling out wireless containment system and drone detection technology, it has been able to consolidate its position in the corrections space. The company is planning to upgrade the drone detection technology in the future further and is confident that through testing at different locations, it would be able to improve and evolve with time to become more efficient.