Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Explains Knee Resurfacing

The story of Robert Reed is unfortunately very typical. Passionate about sports, his hobbies included karate, football, softball, and basketball. He thought these activities were keeping him healthy. He was wrong.



Like so many athletes, Robert put too much stress on his body. His joints eventually started to give out to the constant impacts these sports naturally inflicted. As a result Robert developed arthritis in his knees. The situation got so bad, he ended up needing surgery.



“The pain was tremendous,” Robert joked. “It got to the point I was probably popping Advil like M&Ms.”


Robert was unsure about the surgery. He didn’t want to go through a grueling rehabilitation process that would leave him unable to go back to his favorite sports. But Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum reassured him that his condition was not as bad as it seemed.


“The knees has three separate compartments,” he explained. “And when only one part of the knee is diseased, we have the opportunity to just replace that part of the knee.”


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum performed a procedure called “partial knee resurfacing.” As oppose to knee replacement, knee resurfacing treats just that part of the knee that is diseased. This leaves the rest of the knee intact. By doing this, it fosters a faster recovery time and helps eliminate complications down the road.


This option is not ideal for everyone. Patients who suffer from severe arthritis in the knee are not good candidates for this procedure. But according to Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, those patients only make up a small portion of those suffering from knee problems. In his view, about 70% of patients suffering from arthritis can be treated with partial knee resurfacing.



Clay Houston Interview

Clay Houston runs a business which offers services for both musicians and event organizers. Houston did various design courses in the University before embarking on his career. He has previously worked in various companies in the live music sector and went ahead to become a project manager. The audio engineer decided to quit formal employment and started his business after gaining adequate experience. His firm mainly manages, produces and designs concerts most of which revolve around rock music. Houston has so far provided services to various celebrities including Kid Rock and Pink.


He also participated in the 2005 world tour bleed known as “bleed like me” where a band called Garbage toured several parts of Europe, North America and Australia. Clay Houston was working as the monitor engineer during that particular tour. Besides last year he also worked with various event organizers in North America. He recently joined in an interview to share his experience in the live music industry.


Q: How did you start your business?


Clay Houston: I started by working in various live music companies and that helped me to gather relevant marketing skills. During the great recession, my employer was adversely affected and I thought it was the right time to start a business.


Q: How do you convert ideas into reality?


CH: The first thing I always do is to develop new audios. After that, I come up with a design for it. The experience I received while in employment helps me to distinguish between what is real and a pipe dream. Apart from that I also use computer-aided designs to bring my ideas into life.


Q: How do you promote your business?


CH: I am a hardworking person and I always pay attention to details. I priories my clients and make them feel that I care for them. That is what has helped me grow because after all that clients gain confidence in me and even recommend me to their friends.


Q: What habit makes you productive?


CH: I am always keen to check over and over again for mistakes which could spoil the quality of a show. A single mistake can ruin my business and my entire life and that is why I like preparing adequately for each show.


Q: What failure do you regret and how did you rectify?


CH: I regret accepting to work as a subcontractor in a certain company. The client was not happy with the services and I had to start working with him directly. Learn more:  https://medium.com/@claytonhutson49

Karl Heideck, Risk Management and Compliance Litigation

What To Do When You Need Litigation Services in Philadelphia

If you are in need of litigation services from a Philadelphia attorney, it is important that you learn a little bit about the field and the attorneys that practice within it. Litigation is a very important area of law that can serve you any time that a court case situation ends up on your path. To get a reasonable resolution to your litigation needs, consider these points below so that you are able to hire a great Philadelphia litigator.

Looking for great service from a Philadelphia litigator

Whenever you require litigation services, be sure that you touch base with the local Bar Association in order to start getting some recommendations. The recommendations that you will receive will allow you to start contacting legal firms to see about their experience. When checking out a legal firm’s experience, you need to find out whether attorneys went to college and how many years they have been practicing. Any litigation professionals should have a law degree and should have passed the state bar exam.

Who is the best litigator in Philadelphia?

Without question, you can count on great service when you decide to hire Karl Heideck. Not only has Karl Heideck cut his teeth in the legal field representing corporations and government officials, he also looks out for less established clients, as he offers pro bono services. Karl Heideck Has been practicing litigation for more than 10 years and in this more than 10 years, has had the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience.

If you need the help of a risk management or compliance attorney who also is very skilled at legal research and legal writing, you will be able to count on Karl Heideck. He is very educated and skilled in all facets of litigation.

So if this makes sense to you, start out by contacting Hire Counsel in order to get the representation that you need from Karl Heideck.

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