Securus Technologies Building Highly Efficient Drone Detection Technology for Corrections Space

For many decades, inmates have been finding new and improved ways to smuggle cell phones and drugs inside the prison. Since criminals are used to these luxuries outside the prison, they cannot live without it when they are locked up. Thus, their demand for these products grows to such an extent that many criminals with associates on the outside try to smuggle them in. Many different methods are used for the purpose such as bribing or threatening guards or smuggling them in when some relatives come to the prison for visitations. But, with high-security cameras all around, these methods have become quite risky.


Today, inmates are using hi-tech methods to smuggle the illegal goods inside the prison. The most popular one is that of using drones. One can find drones in the market quickly, and they are not very costly too. They are the perfect tool to carry the packages containing drugs or cell phones without the operator getting detected or caught. The operators can stay miles away from the prison and use the cameras installed on the drone to see where it is going. Once the drone is in the backyard, the package is dropped somewhere where the inmates can easily find it. Many times, these drones fly close to the windows of the cells, and then the inmates catch the packages without even leaving their cells. The growing popularity of this method has led the prison officials to find a way to stop the smuggling.


The use of drones needs to be stopped if the correctional institutions need to be safe and secure. If there are no regulations on the usage of drones to supply contraband, then the inmates would continue to get the contraband supplies in large quantities, and it would prove to be disastrous for the security of the correctional facilities. Many advanced drones are available these days that are very fast and are very hard to detect as well. However, the drone detection technology by Securus Technologies has proved to be highly effective in identifying the drones’ position as soon as they enter the perimeter of the prison facility. It would give the exact location of the drone to the correctional officers so that they can confiscate the drones and the contraband supplies it is aiming to supply.


Securus Technologies has for long been one of the biggest suppliers of the criminal justice technology in the market, and by rolling out wireless containment system and drone detection technology, it has been able to consolidate its position in the corrections space. The company is planning to upgrade the drone detection technology in the future further and is confident that through testing at different locations, it would be able to improve and evolve with time to become more efficient.



Securus Technologies, the Number One Provider of Prison Communications Services

Providing prison communication and security services can at times get tricky. In any penitentiary, it is common for you to find bad and the very worst of individuals ever to roam planet earth. Driven by self-interests, they do everything including anything to satisfy their weird desires, something that does not end even when they are behind bars.


It is at such a juncture that Securus Technologies steps in. For more than three decades, the company has been the leading provider of prison communication services. However, with time, Securus Technologies has become smarter introducing new features into its prisons’ communication networks to monitor operations in and out of the jail environment.


To a large extent, the technology currently provided for by Securus has proven to be worthwhile, helping security agencies monitor and apprehend cartels that operate within and out of the American Penitentiary system. Today, Securus Technologies is an employer to more than a thousand people and serves more than two thousand correctional facilities across the U.S.


Under the stewardship of Richard A. Smith, Securus Technologies has been able to grow and expand outdoing its competitors in more ways than one. Presently, the company boasts of its cell Phone Defender technology. Thanks to the tech, Securus has helped prison facilities to discourage illegal activities within their confines indirectly. Other services rendered by Securus Technologies include cataloging detainee information and parolee tracking.


Since Securus provides new products and services weekly, it has been subject to many positive reviews from customers. For example, state agencies have been able to prosecute felons based on information given by Securus Technologies. Also, Securus Technologies has gotten applauded because of its unique tools that have helped forensic teams do a thorough investigation, something that has helped bring criminals to book. To a large extent, Securus Technologies has helped shield society from vices that occur within the prison environment.



Rick Smith Advances Securus Through Technology

In addition to being experienced in finances and telecommunications, Mr. Smith is highly knowledge of technology thanks to his background in engineering. He has worked tirelessly to implement new investment opportunities for rising technological trends in Securus. This served as the basis for Mr. Smith’s idea to give inmates access to video chat with their family members. He had the realization that many loved ones of the inmates are unable to come and visit in person. Video chat allows them to speech face to face, as opposed to telephone calls in which they are unable to have facial visits. The telecommunication industry is riveted by this progressive idea and it is widely believed this will lead to even further improvements. Video chat inside of prisons has many other benefits including improved safety ability and also the ability for inmates to talk to other people at an increased rate. This will be huge money saving factor for prisons, but most importantly it will raise the spirits of the inmates and put them in better moods.

In 2008, Securus found the key to their success in Rick Smith, a proven telecommunications expert. He was chosen as their CEO as a result of his experience and knowledge of the telecom business. During his time at Securus, Mr. Smith has been able to improve the products and services that Securus is known for, as well as quality improvement by all accounts. In addition, he has expanded their reach to more people and companies. Mr. Smith is an experience financial expert, but he is also knowledgeable in a variety of business related fields. He has made a name for himself by proving to me an upstanding member of the community and by always looking to improve upon himself and his knowledge. The home base of Securus is Dallas, Texas but they are well known all over the country. Over a million inmates use Securus as their telephone company of choice. Rick Smith Securus also provides services to a large number of law enforcement and public agencies all over the country. Read more articles at

Mr. Smith built his foundation in telecommunications at Global Crossing, a company that he was employed at for the first 26 years of his career. Echelon Telecom gave him a huge opportunity when they then offered him the position as their Chief Financial Officer, and he served in that position for two years. He later became the President, and in 2003 he was promoted to CEO. He was able to bring $320 million of additional income to Echelon while he worked there. Echelon’s IPO score also increased under Mr. Smith’s watchful eye and he led them toward a newer and more innovative business plan. In 2007, Mr. Smith left and became the CEO, President, and Chairman of Securus.

Successful Ventures of Securus Technologies

Established in early 1986, the company of Securus Technologies has been taking the sector on safety solutions by storm. The company is native to the state of Texas, and its headquarters are in Dallas. The chief executive officer of the company is Mr. Rick Smith who has been serving as the leader of the company since 2003.


Last year, in 2016, CEO Rick Smith announced that the company of Securus Technologies has reached a new milestone in terms of investments and finance geared towards growth and the development of services. The Securus Technologies operation has invested more than $600 million to make itself a stronger competitor and a more efficient and sough after provider for its clients. Those investments include acquisitions and more.


The clients that Securus Technologies caters to include law units, such as police departments, correctional facilities, such as prisons, and business – both large and small. The monitoring and safety services of Securus Technologies have also been made available to families with large homes who wish to have a heightened security.


Over the course of the past couple of years, Securus Technologies has entered the industry of inmate communication as well. The company is a provider of a few services such as video chats and phone calls. These kinds of services are highly convenient as the family and friends of the incarcerated can talk to them and see them more often as they save themselves the long drive and the wait in order to have a meeting.


The company of Securus Technologies has been doing quite well with every field they join. The company is highly praised by its clients, and their services are some of the best on the market. Both business owners and facilities have been experiencing success with the software and solutions that it offers.


Having to Make Corrections To Data

With many businesses and industries, it is common to have to make corrections to data. There is always going to be at least one source that writes down the wrong information or records data in an incorrect way. Fortunately, misinformation can be easily corrected. Among the companies that have had to correct misinformation is Securus Technologies. Securus has had to make corrections to a report released by GTL because it was filled with a lot of inaccuracies. This has spurred Securus to take action on order to correct the statements made by GTL. Fortunately, Securus has managed to make the necessary corrections to the data.


Securus Technologies specializes in providing communications, surveillance, and other forms of technology to law enforcement and corrections agencies. This enables the facilities to meet the needs of the public. Among the products and services they provide for people is a way for prisoners to keep in touch with their loved ones. They have always kept up to date with the technology that allows people to help with many different aspects of public safety. One particular innovation that they provide to prison is education. Inmates are able to learn some skills while they are serving time so that they can land employment and stay out of the system.


Securus does provide a lot of service to the country. Therefore, it is important for them to make sure that every data presented about them is accurate. If there is inaccurate data presented about them, then they have the responsibility to address it so that it doesn’t fester and present a false image of them. Securus has not only corrected these issues but also issued a challenge to GTL so that they can settle any issues that are harbored. GTL has remained silent on this matter as of now.