Doe Deere Believes In Magical Cosmetics

Doe Deere was born in Russia. Then she moved to the New York City. She is the CEO as well as the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics.



She believes that cosmetics are not designed to conceal imperfections only. These can be considered as a form of self-expression and freedom. She says that beauty is all about what is feeling right for the person at the moment. It was in 2008 that she developed and then launched her line of cosmetics that are colorful and magical, besides being cruelty-free.



Lime Crime is the name of her brand. These are intensely pigmented cosmetics that are bold, and vibrant. This brand of Doe Deere enjoys the international fan following today. This Lime Crime brand has lipsticks, and eye shadows, besides nail polishes. All the shades are highly vivid and bright!



Doe Deere started out small. But she has managed to achieve a huge success that is entirely on her own terms. She supports other businesses and entrepreneurship that are owned by women. This is why she loves to speak about finding your own voice. She wants women to follow their ambition. Doe Deere has spoken at public events that include PHAMExpo as well as Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour.



This is not all. Doe Deere is like a mentor to several other aspiring women entrepreneurs. She is even asking them to contact her through Instagram if they are looking for any advice.



It was in 2004 that Doe Deere registered a new account called “limecrime” on eBay. This was her DIY fashion line. In fact, she was modeling everything herself. This was when colorful makeup became her staple as she wanted her look to be branded.



This makeup brand idea had come to her during her sewing days. This was when she realized that finding colors that were bright and unusual was not easy. This is why in 2008 she launched Lime Crime.



Doe Deere is the CEO of her company. She is a hands-on person. She likes to make sure that all her departments are running in a smooth manner. She wants to be around to provide guidance as and when it is needed. Hence some days she is looking at new products, while on other days she is looking at marketing or social media. She likes to brainstorming with her Chief Creative Officer on everything that is new and trendy. She knows that bringing ideas to life is very important. She likes to nurture them and make them successful. She has a wonderful team that helps her to push things forward. She always tests her products on herself or wears them before she is putting them out on the shelf for her customers!