Lets breakdown the career that makes Peter Briger a true business leader.

Peter Briger has a reputation of being a very hands-on and capable leader. This reputation has been with him since he joined Goldman Sachs and during his fifteen years there he was able to grow at a professional level and a personal one too. During his tenure with Goldman Sachs, he became a member of various committees which had different implications for him. All of them, however, had something in common with Peter Briger as they helped him learn and understand world markets better.He served on the Asian Management Committee, which was in charge of all the investment decisions that Goldman undertook in the continent. At the time the Asian market was expanding rapidly, and the bank had committed numerous resources to enable that tap into it while looking for more opportunities as the days went by.

The Global Control and Compliance Committee, Peter Briger was also a member of this one. Its main focus was ensuring that all their investments adhered to the rules and regulations of the different jurisdictions they invested and what impact those investments had on their core business.The Japan Executive Committee, his position here would prove vital in his current role. The focus on Japan at the time helped them understand their style of doing business and what was important to them. These are lessons he would carry on to Fortress especially after their acquisition by SoftBank.During his time at Goldman, he also helped establish and run a number of funds. This included the Special Opportunities Fund LLC, the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business and the Asian Distressed Debt business fund.

The Asian Distressed Debt Business fund was vital for his career growth at it’s the lessons that he learned here that saw Peter Briger get a position as an advisor to the IFC. This would only add to his already impressive resume. When he moved to the Fortress Investment Group Briger was tasked with establishing a Credit facility for the group. His experience in the various committees and funds at Goldman had prepared him for the position, and in no time the division was up and running. He has continued to oversee the same since 2002 and make it one of the most important within the group.SoftBank acquired Fortress in 2017. This was after the deal was approved by shareholders midway through the year. The acquisition has given the group more leeway in terms of decision making as well as capital wise.


Adam Milstein Builds A Career In Real Estate

Adam Milstein was born to an immigrant family in Haifa, Israel. His father came from Mexico while his mother came from Argentina. He joined the Israeli Defence Forces and was involved in the various combat activities like the 1973 Kippur War. In this mandatory service to the Israeli Army, Adam Milstein worked under Ariel Sharon and was part of the army which crossed the Suez Canal forcing Egypt to surrender. This experience in the military gave him the much-needed knowledge to use in life.

After completing the service to the army, he joined Israeli Institute of Technology. Adam Milstein graduated in this premier institution with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business and economics in 1978. His passion for business started while he was still studying. In his university years, Adam Milstein used to assist his father in the real estate business. He supported the father to grow the business and in the process gained business skills. Adam Milstein married in 1974 and moved to the United States of America. He has a lot if the passion for education. This made him enroll at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He performed very well and graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree.

After completing his higher education studies, he went back to the real estate industry where he worked as a sales agent. He has worked with the Hanes Company. In this firm, he proved to be a shrewd businessman where he was recognized for being the best agent. Currently, he is the Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties. This is a reputable firm in the field of real estate. In this firm, Adam Milstein is responsible for financing and the acquisition of properties. Additionally, he manages the various properties held by this firm. The legendary businessman has over thirty years experience the real estate sector. Hager Pacific Properties has a property portfolio of over three thousand apartments. That is not all. It oversees the management of over ten million square feet of both industrial and commercial properties. The firm is growing very fast courtesy of his excellent managerial skills.



The Integral Facts and Personal Trivia About Louis Chenevert That Help Explain His Success Today

There may already be numerous articles in the mainstream news and media firms about the leadership of Louis Chenevert. But not many of these articles have really tackled or shared the inspiring story and anecdotes of how Louis Chenevert reached the kind of success that he’s achieved so far.

For starters, it should be shared that Chenevert has been honed and trained because of his skills in production management. This is the kind of skills that has lent him the opportunity to work for General Motors, before he went on to become the CEO of United Technologies (UTC). He also became the trusted expert and advisor for Goldman Sachs. It also helps that he is a Canadian businessman, and his geological roots gives him the unique attitude and management style that not many other leaders can render.

UTC today is an established company in the field of providing solutions for elevators, security systems and escalators, as well as programs to solve issues in aircraft engines. With Chenevert controlling its operations, the company’s growth became evident to be skyrocketing and to have been gaining all the opportunities that the global marketplace is able to provide. Without Chenevert, it might even be impossible for UTC to land a total $10 billion worth of investment opportunity in developing the turbofan aircraft engine.

A feature from Ideamensch would also remind everybody about the strengths of Chenevert today. For starters, they are reminded that Chenevert as CEO and President of UTC means a great improvement in UTC as a tech company. Under his leadership, he has grown the high-performance level of the organization into dramatic heights.

His unmatched portfolio and strong leadership team also means that he is consistent in rendering his skills into actual practice. While other leaders only display their kinetic expertise in ideas and on paper, the ideas of Chenevert are translatable to the real world. With his leadership, he has made the idea of translating into reality ideas that were once used to be deemed quite impossible or impractical.

Chenevert, then, has changed the game and its rules. He has opened up opportunities, inspired others to create exciting products and led solutions that like-minded people in aircraft engineering were able to emulate.


The Business Career, Philosophy and Book of Vijay Eswaran

It is a mark of good motivational speakers if the books written by them are able to capture their right audience. It should also inspire their readers and generate the best solutions that could help people. One of these motivational speakers that aspire to such aim is Vijay Eswaran. He’s a businessman, motivational speaker and he is also known by his readers for his personal philosophy.

The Businessman

It can be said that Vijay Eswaran is already known for being a Malaysian businessman. He is also the Executive Chairman for Qi Group of Companies. He’s a go-getter, and also a successful entrepreneur at best. His business record is impeccable, impressive and at the same time influential. Many people have already enjoyed the prosperity he generated. Many have enjoyed the benefits that he has initiated in his ventures. Another outstanding thing that can be said about him is the fact that he initially started a multi-level marketing company. He then later transformed it into Qi Group. This transition has now transformed his previous firm into an e-commerce company. This new firm has networks in the media, travel, telecommunications and training industries. It should also be added that the success of Eswaran has also expanded to 10 countries.


The personal philosophy of Eswaran would have to be centered on service. He wants to spread prosperity with his business ventures. But he also wants to make sure that the right programs reach to the right communities. He does this by initiating social responsibility programs through the charity arm of QI group.

His Motivational Speaker Career

One of the many other ventures of Eswaran is to write motivational books. His book “Two Minutes From The Abyss” can be found in Amazon. It is a retelling of some of the important insight that Eswaran has learned all through his career. It is there that people can learn how he has managed to deal with the challenges in business. The book also shares some of the tips he himself uses in his life. It is the book that also shares some of the effective mind-setting methods that Eswaran uses. These mind setting methods include total focus, detachment and analysis.