The Importance of Civil Rights Organizations across the World

Over the years, countries around the world have developed constitutions that have helped protect human rights. This was necessitated by the dictatorial regimes that have been in existence where the violation of human rights was the norm of the day. Racism has been one major problem that has affected people leading to poor living conditions.

Africans have been the principal victims of human rights abuses owing to the nature of their skin and background. As such, civil rights organizations and activism have emerged in the United States of America. The groups have fought for the rights of black people from government oppressions, detention without trial and racial discrimination.

This saw the rise of renowned activists like Martin Luther King who was instrumental in the liberation of the black population. He was instrumental in the election of former United States of America President JF Kennedy in early 1960s.

The black community relied on the election of President JFK as the one who would bring change and respect to human rights. It has taken decades of struggle to attain human rights freedom where different races are treated equally. Civil rights organizations around the world have been instrumental in shaping the living standards of migrants who face oppression in foreign countries.

For instance, The Civil Rights Division in the United States of America has contributed towards uplifting the living and working standards of migrants. The organization is mandated with addressing issues related to human rights violation and abuses.

The division is tasked with carrying out investigations in discrimination in areas of employment, education, and housing. Human trafficking has been a major violation of human rights, and as such, the division has established rules that have been used to curb human trafficking menace.

People have also developed an interest in the civil rights activism. This has led to the establishment of funds geared towards supporting public activism. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are notable figures that have promoted the works of human rights liberations. Their principal interest is raising human rights awareness through the broadcast and print media.

They have established Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media that they use to spearhead the human rights activism and liberation. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin made headlines when they were paid $3.75 million has settlement fees from their case with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The two were arrested by the County Sheriff in October 2007 for allegedly highlighting the existence of a grand jury that wanted to use notes from the reporters to build on the Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s case.

They fought for their rights and through the United States of America’s Court of Appeal, the case was won. They later established The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund that has been advocating for civil rights for the oppressed.

The fund focuses on fighting for freedom of speech and association that has been eroded from the migrants. As such, migrants have found a place where they can air their views and concerns regarding their fight for equal opportunities.

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