Bruce Levenson Gives Back with the Do Good Institute.

When Bruce Levenson bought into the Atlanta Hawks he had no idea that he would transform the team into one of the top squads out of the Eastern Conference. After almost a decade of ownership Levenson decided to switch gears, selling his shares of the team in order to focus on his own philanthropic efforts. More than just giving back to the community, Bruce Levenson wanted to create a community that focused on giving back. This led Bruce and his wife, Karen, to work with the University of Maryland in order to create the Do Good Institute.

The focus of the Do Good Institute is twofold. The first goal is to create a campus that is rife with the future generation of philanthropic leaders. Bruce Levenson wanted to create the Institute in order to help cater to these individuals so that they could go on to do great things. The second goal of the institute was to create a campus that inspired other students to just give on their own accord. With that concept in mind, Levenson donated a cool $75 million to help seed the education process. The state of Maryland went ahead and matched Levenson as far as they could by donating $20 million of their own dollars. With this money in place, the Do Good Institute was ready to roll.

According to PR, this class allocates $10,000 to the students involved so that they can be hands on with donating to causes that are important to them. The goal of the class is to give the students hands on approach in giving back and what that exactly entails.

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  1. Levenson must be blissful to see the early accomplishment of his course and we just envision more achievement later on. The principal course being offered through the Do Good Institute is Philanthropy 101. It is indeed the coolest way for review and to understand that all of these things might be what they need which is not that easy too.

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