Securus Technologies Building Highly Efficient Drone Detection Technology for Corrections Space

For many decades, inmates have been finding new and improved ways to smuggle cell phones and drugs inside the prison. Since criminals are used to these luxuries outside the prison, they cannot live without it when they are locked up. Thus, their demand for these products grows to such an extent that many criminals with associates on the outside try to smuggle them in. Many different methods are used for the purpose such as bribing or threatening guards or smuggling them in when some relatives come to the prison for visitations. But, with high-security cameras all around, these methods have become quite risky.


Today, inmates are using hi-tech methods to smuggle the illegal goods inside the prison. The most popular one is that of using drones. One can find drones in the market quickly, and they are not very costly too. They are the perfect tool to carry the packages containing drugs or cell phones without the operator getting detected or caught. The operators can stay miles away from the prison and use the cameras installed on the drone to see where it is going. Once the drone is in the backyard, the package is dropped somewhere where the inmates can easily find it. Many times, these drones fly close to the windows of the cells, and then the inmates catch the packages without even leaving their cells. The growing popularity of this method has led the prison officials to find a way to stop the smuggling.


The use of drones needs to be stopped if the correctional institutions need to be safe and secure. If there are no regulations on the usage of drones to supply contraband, then the inmates would continue to get the contraband supplies in large quantities, and it would prove to be disastrous for the security of the correctional facilities. Many advanced drones are available these days that are very fast and are very hard to detect as well. However, the drone detection technology by Securus Technologies has proved to be highly effective in identifying the drones’ position as soon as they enter the perimeter of the prison facility. It would give the exact location of the drone to the correctional officers so that they can confiscate the drones and the contraband supplies it is aiming to supply.


Securus Technologies has for long been one of the biggest suppliers of the criminal justice technology in the market, and by rolling out wireless containment system and drone detection technology, it has been able to consolidate its position in the corrections space. The company is planning to upgrade the drone detection technology in the future further and is confident that through testing at different locations, it would be able to improve and evolve with time to become more efficient.



The Career of Hussain Sajwani in the Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of DAMAC Group, a real estate firm specializing in commercial, residential, and leisure properties in the Middle East and Dubai. He was born in 1954 to a very humble family. His father was part-time in real estate but fulltime committed to his shop selling pens and watches, while his mother sold household goods and fabric. Spending most of his childhood at the shop, Sajwani learned the realities of running a business and its struggles. These put him off taking up the family business as he felt he had an entrepreneurial spirit that needed utilization.


When the government of Dubai passed a law allowing foreigners to own property, Hussain Sajwani took the advantage to grow and develop his company. He realized that many foreigners wanted to possess properties in Dubai, and he succeeded selling his units in his first project before construction even began. Today DAMAC Group is one of the most successful real estate companies in the world, and in 2013 it was listed on the London Stock Exchange. The first real estate company from the Middle East to do so. It has completed many award-winning projects including two large Trump branded golf courses and is currently developing Damac Hills located in Dubailand. The Trump International Golf Club won the award for best golf development at the international property awards held in London.


Apart from being a successful businessman, Hussain Sajwani is a philanthropist. He believes that after someone achieves the success he has, it is paramount that one gives back to the society to help the less fortunate ones, and he donates to various charities across Dubai. One of the charities Hussain funds helps over 50,000 children have access to clothing, and necessary supplies to keep them comfortable and warm. He continues to support the youth develop and achieve their goals in life, whether in the business world or pursuing an excellent education. He is a husband and a father who enjoys spending time with his family. He inspires his children to work hard in life and always to follow their heart desires.

Hussain Sajwani: DAMAC’s Experienced CEO

DAMAC Properties is going to open a brand new Business Bay development. It’s going to be a high-end effort that’s called “Reva Residences.” It’s going to provide people with apartments that include between one and two bedrooms. These units will look out onto the marvelous Dubai Canal, too. Life at Reva Residences is going to be sweet for its residents. They’ll be able to rely on concierge service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’ll be able to revel in all sorts of five-star features. Reva Residences is set to be in the middle of energetic Dubai. Business Bay is close to all types of entertainment, relaxation and business options. It’s an area that’s attached to sophistication. It, as a result, can make a fine neighborhood choice for driven professionals, eager couples and more. Reva Residences is part of the southern section of the widely known Business Bay community. Business Bay is an area of Dubai that’s associated with refinement, class and amazing sights. Reva Residences aims to encapsulate those concepts perfectly.


Who exactly is in charge at DAMAC Properties? The answer to that big question is Hussain Sajwani. This company owner is a man who comes from the United Arab Emirates. He’s DAMAC Properties’ respected Chairman. This distinguished property developer has been managing all sorts of projects throughout the years. Life as an entrepreneur is something that’s extremely close and familiar to Sajwani as well. His dad worked as one. Sajwani, because of that, can barely remember a time in his life when entrepreneurship wasn’t a focal point. Sajwani’s father was in the business of timepiece sales. Other items he regularly sold included both T-shirts and pens. These items often came from China.


The DAMAC CEO has always been a tireless worker. That’s how he secured a scholarship from the government back when he was a youth. This scholarship enabled him to pack up and study all the way across the world in the United States. He was a student at the University of Washington in the Pacific Northwest. Sajwani learned all about intriguing and expansive subjects such as economics and engineering.

Jed McCaleb: The Creation of Stellar

Jed McCaleb is a well-known American developer and blockchain digital currency specialist. He is known for his massive impact in the crytocurrency domain, starting with Mt. Gox, the very first Bitcoin exchange on the planet. Jed has been associated with numerous other ventures, for example, eDonkey, one of the first decentralized file sharing systems. eDonkey was produced in 2000 by Jed and his colleague, Sam Yagan.


Jed’s specialized technical role is separated into two different portions. When he isn’t coding and expanding on Stellar’s platform with his team members, he is caught up with emails, and all other aspects related to maintaining a business.


The Stellar system obtains support from; an organization which unites innovation and advanced monetary education. has also contributed to open source programming. Jed has constantly invested valuable energy and assets, to consider particular methods for enhancing new and existing technology.


As indicated by a recent interview, Jed got the thought for Stellar after recognizing what Bitcoin was, and understanding the numerous issues that could be resolved utilizing the innovation behind Bitcoin. He saw a need to formulate another digital currency. This thought indicated the introduction of Stellar. Jed knew the incredible innovation behind bitcoin would be life changing. Rather than producing a currency, he made an open source monetary system that links monetary institutions. Although Bitcoin is an awesome method to transport value, Stellar connections foundations to each other.


Not only is Stellar a form of digital currency, Stellar is also a public operated system. The current system is operated completely by group members outside Stellar. As indicated by Jed, the most recent advancements guarantee the Stellar system isn’t functioning internally. just adds to the network’s open source decorum. In any case, everything past that is completely controlled by the community.


Jed additionally acknowledges the significance of risk investigation and benefit potential when beginning business projects. He has constantly concentrated on launching businesses with adequate risk tolerance and structures for seizing the advantage potential.

Joel Friant: Shaking Healthy Heat

The only thing that makes a dish better is a dash of heat! From eggs to pizza, peppers, and their exquisitely harvested hot properties from these wonderful vegetables, is finding it’s way into the diets of people across the globe. Amazingly, if we add a few vitamins, like famed creator of “The Habanero Shaker” has, this becomes the best stuff on earth. Joel Friant created this wonderful product that has taken the best spicy qualities of the habanero chile pepper, reputed to be one of the very hottest and flavorful peppers on earth, and put that heat into a healthy shaker.


This can be sprinkled on most anything, and to turn up the heat, just add a little more. There is an absolute referendum in society that they want their heat, so it is no wonder that this shaker has made a recent comeback. It was originally introduced in 1995, and it has recently been reintroduced to the marketplace.


Habanero peppers contain lots of capsaicin, in fact some of the highest amounts of this little-understood, naturally-occurring ingredient in these very hot peppers. What we do know about capsaicin is that it triggers your brain to produce and release endorphins, which is the body’s natural painkiller. This could well be the secret reason why so many love spicy peppers nowadays.


There might be little wrong with enjoying hot sauce and it’s subsequent pain-soothing properties and lucky for all of us, Joel Friant left real estate and the home remodeling industry, going into the restaurant business just over 2 decades ago. His first foray into the restaurant business spawned “The Habanero Shaker,” and then he returned to real estate, only in mortgages this time.


Now he is back, after the mortgage crisis cooled that market a bit, Mr. Friant started to focus on how he had become so good at what he does, and decided to start bundling his ideas into articles that have widespread distribution, not the least of which is his “The Income Thermostat.” Currently dabbling in the very hot cryptocurrency, this seems an appropriate time to bring his Habanero Shaker back to market. His timing is likely very good indeed.

AvaTrade Review: Forex and CFDs Forex Trading

AvaTrade provides services such as Forex, Spread Betting, CFDs and social Trading. For anyone who would like to open an account with AvaTrade, the minimum amount is $250. However, AvaTrade also has a demo account which people can use to get themselves used to AvaTrade platform. AvaTrade is regulated by both ASiC (FAFSL) and financial services provider #45984 in South Africa.


The Dublin, Ireland based company was founded in 2006. The company works by putting client’s funds in separate bank accounts via tier-1 banks.


Pros of using AvaTrade

There are hundreds if not thousands of forex brokers out there. However, getting a forex broker with a high reputation such as AvaTrade is not easy. One of the major advantages of trading with AvaTrade is that the company is regulated by various financial regulatory bodies across the world such as FSA, ASiC, FSB, and BVI. The other advantage is that the platform offers guidelines to traders. Last but not least, the platform is simple to use and is present in over 100 countries.


Trading tools used by AvaTrade

AvaTrade uses the famous MT4 trading platform. Besides, the company also provides mobile apps for iOS and Android which makes it easy for people to trade wherever they are and whenever they want.


Trading features

The following are some of the trading features.

 It allows scalping

 Low mint deposit

 It allows hedging


Accounts offered by AvaTrade

AvaTrade provides its clients with several types of accounts. They include micro accounts, demo accounts, mini accounts, standard accounts, Islamic accounts, and managed account.


Executive trades

The good thing about AvaTrade is that it allows traders to execute up to a minimum trade of 0.01 Lot. Nonetheless, this might differ depending on the account one is operating. It is also important to note that AvaTrade sometimes permits lower entry requirements in comparison to an ECN who has an advantage of higher volumes of trades with a lot of capital.


Client Support

AvaTrade customer support is quite effective. It supports different languages including Italian, English, French, German, Hebrew and Greek. Besides they have various channels of communications such as email support, live chat, and phone calls.

Developing an Investment Based on The Oxford Club’s Investment Strategies

If you want to know how to invest your money with tried and proven strategies, it is important that you do your research prior to shelling out money to any entity. Fortunately, with so many different sites online that address investments in stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency and the like, you can make a decision on which avenue that you want and prefer to go. However, before getting in too deep with any type of investment plan, you should make sure that you are getting the knowledge that you need from seasoned successful investors who know how to devise an effective investment strategy. With this in mind, here are a few things that The Oxford Club has recommended to both seasoned an newbie investors alike.


Divide Your Investments


Many of the rules to smart investments can be very basic, even though any investors plan can become quite complex over time, depending on how deep they are in the stock market. So, it is essential that beginner stockholders know where to start if they want their investment strategies to work. For instance, most creditable investors will share their experiences by telling their investors to invest in more than one stock. In fact, the smart thing to do to increase any portfolio is to divide the investment funds up into different stocks. By using this plan, the investor will maximize their potential for greater earnings and minimize the risks of losing all of the money that they put into one company’s stock.


Manage Fees and Tax Liabilities


In addition to dividing up investment funds into different stocks, it is also very critical that the investor knows how to manage both the fees and their tax liabilities. So, before getting started, you should know what you will be paying to your fund manager and to the tax collector.


Know When to Get Out


Knowing when to get out is also critical to a successful investment plan. Whether a long term or short term investment strategy, you need to know when to cut your losses and move on. In the investment world, this is normally called having an exit strategy.

Siteline Cabinetry Stands Out in Home Improvement

When talking about the world of cabinetry there are few companies that stand out from the pack. The cabinet making firm has offers a ton of different woodworking looks that can be featured in one room or another. These cabinets are higher quality because they aren’t mass produced and then stored in a warehouse, gathering dust and rot that other cabinet makers are often dealing with when talking about firms this size. There is a high level of manufacturing but the products are heading out the door at a quick pace.

The cabinets are made and then painted when the orders come in. There isn’t ever any kind of overstock that people can come and pick through. There are all sorts of materials that can be used in order to make whatever the customers have asked for when they place those orders. There are a ton of different aspects that can be ordered when looking through the categories that the company offers.

The attributes that customers can look through include things like wood species, color and even the type of drawer that these cabinets are able to carry with them. There is also the chance that a customer can ask for frames when they are looking for cabinets, although the firm is one that works more when talking about the entire cabinet and not just the frame.

When somebody goes looking for cabinets from Siteline Cabinetry, there are all kinds of other ways people are able to customize what they want the thing to look. Some people might want to have a more traditional look and feel to their cabinets. Others are looking for something that is a bit more futuristic. The choice is really all about what they are looking for when it comes to the style and how it matches what they already have in their house. There are a ton of different finishes and materials that will allow the cabinets to perfectly match what the customer is looking for what they need to put in their home. This is why the company stands out from the crowd.

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Clay Houston Interview

Clay Houston runs a business which offers services for both musicians and event organizers. Houston did various design courses in the University before embarking on his career. He has previously worked in various companies in the live music sector and went ahead to become a project manager. The audio engineer decided to quit formal employment and started his business after gaining adequate experience. His firm mainly manages, produces and designs concerts most of which revolve around rock music. Houston has so far provided services to various celebrities including Kid Rock and Pink.


He also participated in the 2005 world tour bleed known as “bleed like me” where a band called Garbage toured several parts of Europe, North America and Australia. Clay Houston was working as the monitor engineer during that particular tour. Besides last year he also worked with various event organizers in North America. He recently joined in an interview to share his experience in the live music industry.


Q: How did you start your business?


Clay Houston: I started by working in various live music companies and that helped me to gather relevant marketing skills. During the great recession, my employer was adversely affected and I thought it was the right time to start a business.


Q: How do you convert ideas into reality?


CH: The first thing I always do is to develop new audios. After that, I come up with a design for it. The experience I received while in employment helps me to distinguish between what is real and a pipe dream. Apart from that I also use computer-aided designs to bring my ideas into life.


Q: How do you promote your business?


CH: I am a hardworking person and I always pay attention to details. I priories my clients and make them feel that I care for them. That is what has helped me grow because after all that clients gain confidence in me and even recommend me to their friends.


Q: What habit makes you productive?


CH: I am always keen to check over and over again for mistakes which could spoil the quality of a show. A single mistake can ruin my business and my entire life and that is why I like preparing adequately for each show.


Q: What failure do you regret and how did you rectify?


CH: I regret accepting to work as a subcontractor in a certain company. The client was not happy with the services and I had to start working with him directly. Learn more:

The Future Is Looking Bright For Banco Bradesco

2018 will be an exciting year for Banco Bradesco, Brazil’s second largest private bank. The acquisition of HSBC’s Brazilian unit in 2016 was the largest and most aggressive moves in Brazil’s financial services industry. During the acquisition period the banks bylaws were changed to ensure that Luiz Carlos Trabuco the CEO would remain in charge throughout the negotiations. Also, the intended replacement as CEO tragically died in a plane crash. Luiz Carlos Trabuco reached the maximum age for a CEO in 2016 at the age of 65. The maximum age for a CEO was changed to 67, which will be this year for Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

The restructuring of the banks hierarchy will include the promotion of a new CEO and the appointment of a new President of the Board of Directors. Lazaro Bandao announced his retirement as President of the Board of Directors in October of 2017. Luiz Carlos Trabuco replaced the 91 year-old as President and will retire as CEO on March 12th. The new CEO will be chosen according to the banks traditions. The bank always promotes and hires from within the company, usually the President of Bradesco bank’s subsidiary Bradesco Seguros is the one who becomes CEO.

Octavio de Lazari Junior currently holds the position and will most likely become the next CEO according to Bandao, Lazari and Luiz Carlos Trabuco have worked together for over 30 years and have been with the bank since they were teenagers. As office boys they ran errands and cleaned the floors, as clerks they reported to their superiors and finally moving up the ranks each one has become a valuable part of the banks culture and heritage.

Read more: Novo presidente do Bradesco substituirá Luiz Trabuco dia 12 de março

Luiz Carlos Trabuco started working for Bradesco when he was 18 years old. While working as an office boy he also earned his degree in philosophy, science and letters from the University of Sao Paulo and his masters in socio-psychology from the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics in Sao Paulo. He quickly rose through the ranks and has worked in almost every part of the banks hierarchy. The knowledge and experience he gained by understanding every part of the organization allowed him to become an exceptional leader, financial analyst and mentor.

Under Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s helm the bank saw a 75% increase in accounts and now manages over $390 billion in assets. The bank also manages over 5000 offices in Latin America. His passion for success and his understanding of the financial markets caught the eye of Lazaro Bandao who suggested his promotion to Vice President, CEO and now as his own replacement as President of the Board of Directors. Bandao said, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has his full confidence and the bank is in good hands.

Octavio de Lazari Junior will be announced as the new CEO on March 12th according to He has over 30 years of experience working for Bradesco bank and will continue in the footsteps of his predecessors. He has always maintained the banks values and traditions while keeping one eye on the future.