Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy offer teacher training program for urban teachers

Have you heard about Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy, the New York based charter network just about everyone in education is talking about?


Have you thought about becoming a teacher in an urban setting but are not sure if you can get the education and the training you need?


If so, and you would like to live in the New York area, Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy can help.


That is because not only do Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy offer one of the best education systems in New York for their students, they also offer a teacher training program for would-be teachers as well.


The program is called the Teacher Residency Program and was set up by Success Academy so that new teachers, or people who would love to teach but do not have the qualifications, can get the training necessary to succeed in their career goals.


The program accepts people five times a year, so there is always a convenient time to apply. Once in the program, you will receive training in how Success Academy teachers educate their students. Training that will equip you to teach in any Success Academy school, and elsewhere as well.


The Teacher Residency Program at Success Academy runs for two years and is a fully-paid position, so you do not have to worry about paying school fees as the charter network pays you to learn.


After all, Eva Moskowitz knows how difficult it can be to become a teacher if you do not have the funds to pay for a degree. She also wants enthusiastic and ambitious students in her program and, if that is you, she is more than happy to help.


The program has been set up by Eva Moskowitz and executives of the Success Academy so that you get hands-on teaching experience while being under the guidance of lead teachers at the Academy.


Training includes classroom management skills, effective teaching skills, and all about the Success Academy’s curriculum, teaching resources, goals and organizational values.


All of this means, when you graduate the program at the end of two years, you will be fully trained and equipped to teach your own classroom in a way Success Academy knows will give your students a huge advantage over many others.



Hussain Sajwani’s Astonishing Accomplishments

Hussain Sajwani is the CEO, Chairman and the founder of DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is a public company founded in 2002. The company’s headquarter is located in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. DAMAC Group majorly specializes in Construction, Architecture, Engineering and Real Estate. Additionally, DAMAC Group is concerned with investment in projects concerning real estates.

Hussain Sajwani’s career history is epic. He first viewed the non-Emiratis as the main buyers of apartments. He first bought land and sold units to buildings for residence. In 2013, he decided to work with Donald Trump. Later in 2017, Trump and Hussain launched the Trump International Golf Course.

Hussain Sajwani, a Billionaire in Dubai, is concerned with partnering with Donald Trump. For this reason, Hussain Sajwani family and trump’s family do not only relate in terms of business but also as friends. The most important thing to Hussain Sajwan is his family. His wife and Trumps daughter, Ivanka are good allies and have both visited each other often having lunch and dinners. Moreover, Hussain and his family participated in Trump’s New Year’s Eve which was held at Mar-a-Lago, Florida where Trump appreciated and termed Sajwani’s family as “ the most beautiful people.’’ Furthermore, Trump did not fail to mention that the DAMAC Group built the Trump International Course Dubai. To give more emphasis on the family relationship, Sajwani’s son, Abbas, posted images of their visit to Florida on social media.

Damac owner aimed at giving back to the society. Hussain first donated AED two million to a Ramadan initiative which was launched by Rashid Al Maktoum to support a campaign to dress deprived children globally. Mr. Sajwani did this to improve the living standards of individuals around the world. DAMAC Group did not work solely; it collaborated with the Emirates Red Crescent which is a humanitarian organization.

Additionally, DAMAC Properties opened its hospitality division, DAMAC Maison, in October 2011. DAMAC Maison’s purpose was to provide services to the residents in various serviced hotel apartments by the end of 2016. In addition to that, DAMAC Maison plans to service 2810 individuals in hotel apartments by the end of this year. According to Hussain, this strategy will rank DAMAC among the largest Hotel Apartment developers and operators globally.


To learn more,, visit http://www.damac.com/.

Successful Ventures of Securus Technologies

Established in early 1986, the company of Securus Technologies has been taking the sector on safety solutions by storm. The company is native to the state of Texas, and its headquarters are in Dallas. The chief executive officer of the company is Mr. Rick Smith who has been serving as the leader of the company since 2003.


Last year, in 2016, CEO Rick Smith announced that the company of Securus Technologies has reached a new milestone in terms of investments and finance geared towards growth and the development of services. The Securus Technologies operation has invested more than $600 million to make itself a stronger competitor and a more efficient and sough after provider for its clients. Those investments include acquisitions and more.


The clients that Securus Technologies caters to include law units, such as police departments, correctional facilities, such as prisons, and business – both large and small. The monitoring and safety services of Securus Technologies have also been made available to families with large homes who wish to have a heightened security.


Over the course of the past couple of years, Securus Technologies has entered the industry of inmate communication as well. The company is a provider of a few services such as video chats and phone calls. These kinds of services are highly convenient as the family and friends of the incarcerated can talk to them and see them more often as they save themselves the long drive and the wait in order to have a meeting.


The company of Securus Technologies has been doing quite well with every field they join. The company is highly praised by its clients, and their services are some of the best on the market. Both business owners and facilities have been experiencing success with the software and solutions that it offers.