Lets breakdown the career that makes Peter Briger a true business leader.

Peter Briger has a reputation of being a very hands-on and capable leader. This reputation has been with him since he joined Goldman Sachs and during his fifteen years there he was able to grow at a professional level and a personal one too. During his tenure with Goldman Sachs, he became a member of various committees which had different implications for him. All of them, however, had something in common with Peter Briger as they helped him learn and understand world markets better.He served on the Asian Management Committee, which was in charge of all the investment decisions that Goldman undertook in the continent. At the time the Asian market was expanding rapidly, and the bank had committed numerous resources to enable that tap into it while looking for more opportunities as the days went by.

The Global Control and Compliance Committee, Peter Briger was also a member of this one. Its main focus was ensuring that all their investments adhered to the rules and regulations of the different jurisdictions they invested and what impact those investments had on their core business.The Japan Executive Committee, his position here would prove vital in his current role. The focus on Japan at the time helped them understand their style of doing business and what was important to them. These are lessons he would carry on to Fortress especially after their acquisition by SoftBank.During his time at Goldman, he also helped establish and run a number of funds. This included the Special Opportunities Fund LLC, the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business and the Asian Distressed Debt business fund.

The Asian Distressed Debt Business fund was vital for his career growth at it’s the lessons that he learned here that saw Peter Briger get a position as an advisor to the IFC. This would only add to his already impressive resume. When he moved to the Fortress Investment Group Briger was tasked with establishing a Credit facility for the group. His experience in the various committees and funds at Goldman had prepared him for the position, and in no time the division was up and running. He has continued to oversee the same since 2002 and make it one of the most important within the group.SoftBank acquired Fortress in 2017. This was after the deal was approved by shareholders midway through the year. The acquisition has given the group more leeway in terms of decision making as well as capital wise.


Stream Cares Sets Parent Company Stream Energy Apart with Corporate Philanthropy

Stream Cares, the philanthropic arm of Dallas-energy provider Stream Energy, was just featured in the March 5th article of Dallas Patch. The online news source recognized Stream Cares for its ongoing service to the community around it. Stream Cares has been a champion for the homeless in Dallas, partnering with institutions like the Hope Supply Co., The Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity to lend aid to the less fortunate.

Hope Supply Co. endeavors to support homeless children. Through their partnership with Stream the two companies have been able to supply clothes, school supplies, and other essential to many families. Stream Cares paid for the entrance fee and lunch for over 1,000 homeless children who attended Hope’s Splash for Hope event. The event distributes money and supplies to homeless families while the kids enjoy a day at local water park.

Stream Energy itself has been dedicated to philanthropy for decades, dispensing $19 billion dollars to charities all over the world in 2016 alone. Philanthropy is part of the company’s DNA, which is why it founded Stream Cares as a more formal way to handle its ongoing charity. A philanthropic foundation operating as a separate entity within a business is an entirely original concept, one that sets Stream Energy apart.

Stream Cares facilitates strong relationships with charitable institutions, supporting their endeavors and participating in co-funded events. Their ongoing partnership with Habitat for Humanity builds or repairs homes for homeless families. Habitat also offers labor services as well as affordable mortgages through their sweat equity. Stream Cares is also heavily involved in disaster relief.

Stream Energy was one of the first corporations to take part in recovery efforts following Hurricane Harvey. They are presently partnered with the American Red Cross to aid in emergency services and disaster relief for any future calamities. In 2016, in the wake of the tornado strikes on North Texas, Stream partnered with the Salvation Army to support victims and aid in relief efforts. For Stream, philanthropy is part of who they are. Stream Cares is their way of changing lives as well as offering great energy services.