OG Juan’s 50th birthday

Sean Carter and longtime friend and business partner, OG Juan Perez completed a monumental birthday celebration over this year’s President’s day weekend. OG Juan Perez just turned 50 and his close friend Jay Z made sure it would be a night to remember for years to come, and pretty hard to top. Jay Z, a man of principles and old school codes, takes good care of who is privileged be in his inner circle.

OG Juan Perez began working with Jay Z back in 1996 when the hip-hop mogul was building his brand at Roc-A-Fella Records. Through the years leading up to this historic weekend, OG Juan and Jay Z formed a bond closer than blood brothers. Playing a significant role during Jay-Z’s meteoric rise to the top of hip-hop, OG Juan Perez has displayed nothing but loyalty and appreciation.

At the end of the celebration, the pair and their closest friends would spend almost $100,000 and blow up twitter along the way. OG Juan Perez and his wife began the evening at Zuma. Zuma is a modern Japanese restaurant, and is internationally recognized and acclaimed by food critics. Ordering lobster, steak, and sushi until they couldn’t anymore totaling $13,000.

After dinner, the group headed over to a Mexican style nightclub/restaurant in Inwood to enjoy drinks. It was reported OG Juan Perez and Jay Z orders $9,000 in drinks including bottles of D-Usse, a cognac Jay Z is part owner of. Next, the crew headed to the Playroom, where they continued the night by ordering more drinks. 20 bottles of Ace of Spades and 20 bottles of Rose. The tab ended up costing $91,000 including tip and taxes.