Life is Tough in Quincy

Quincy Apartment complex rests close to the Raritan River, Liberty Street, and New Street, in New Brunswick, in New Jersey, U.S. Unfortunately, the residents staying in this place have been having nightmares because of different situations that have occurred over the years. The majority of what happens at Quincy include possession of illegal guns, shooting crimes, and theft. The place has left a lot of people injured because of the illegal guns. Quincy has poor security, and the police in this area have difficult work to do, from answering to domestic disputes to handling shooting cases.


There was an incident that occurred on May 7, 2013, where a pizza delivery man was asked to go to the Northern building (section of Quincy Circle) to deliver pizza, which was more than 200 units. The pizza man questioned the residents because no one was claiming the pizza order, he decided to go back to his car, before reaching his car, there were three men with weapons waiting for him. They robbed the pizza delivery man the pizza he was carrying, the money he had, and shot him; then the gangsters drove off.


The policemen used the cell phone information and found a suspect, who was an ordinary street man. The man was charged with obstruction of justice, unlawful weapon possession, robbery, and giving wrong information. Later in the same evening, a person who was injured went to RWJUH (Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital), the person was believed to be a victim of the gun shots.


There was another incident that took place at Quincy New Brunswick Apartments on Oct. 7, 2015, a shooting was reported, where one person was injured. The area is known to be a hot spot for robberies and crime activities. The perpetrator of the shooting was one criminal, at that time shots were heard in the air four times that left a person injured. The person who was wounded was taken to the hospital.


The police believed that the person took the wounded person to the hospital was the suspect in the shooting. The policemen returned to the Quincy New Brunswick Apartments for a thorough investigation after finding more bullets at the compound. The police chief said that the policemen have been going to that area frequently and these incidents are common in that area. This makes it hard for residents who live in this area live normal lives because crime happens almost daily.

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