21st Century Food Processing & OSI Food Solutions

The 21st century has brought forth many advancements in technology, and this technology is being used all across the board in a number of fields. Food processing is no exception to the rule when it comes to this topic. OSI Food Solutions has built a resume of success via advanced technology. This mega food processor has changed the game for the better because it has demonstrated excellence in processing, management, distribution and development. OSI Food Solutions is the solution of choice when it comes to working with a food service company. The company has at least 10 decades of experience under its belt, and it’s looking to be around for another 10 decades.

OSI got its start back in 1909. It was just one of many neighborhood businesses in Oak Park, Illinois. The company’s owner relocated here from the nation of Germany. Chicago’s population skyrocketed during this time thanks to this immigration invasion. Many of these people got their start by working in the agriculture business, and the Midwest has its fair share of agricultural farms. The Kolschowski family was operating a popular butcher shop, and many people in the neighborhood were dedicated customers. By 1928, the company went in a new direction. Food wholesale is what took this butcher shop to a mainstream level.

OSI Food Solutions has worked with various food retailors over the years, including Burger King, Starbucks, Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, KFC and Pizza Hut. During the late ’70s, this food wholesaler revamped its game plan by bringing in new leadership, and this new leadership has sent OSI through the stratosphere. Sheldon Lavin became the new CEO in 1975, and he has used his brilliance in finance to conduct numerous business deals. Lavin just so happen to have been with this company for over 30 years, and his excellence has spread like a wildfire. OSI Food Solutions is basically raising the bar to new heights while changing the status quo.

Sheldon Lavin Steering OSI Group to Great Heights

Sheldon Lavin is an accomplished corporate leader. He leads the OSI Group. Additionally, the legendary executive happens to be the president of OSI International Foods Ltd. As such, he is involved in very many activities of this firm. Professionally, he has finance and accounting background. Perhaps his academic background has helped him to steer this firm to unimaginable heights. Previously, it was known as Otto and Sons. In his banking career, he gained a lot of knowledge on how to manage big businesses into success. He happens to be a very objective and hardworking person. These essential attributes coupled with his leadership skills have assisted him to move OSI Group from a local food processor to a big player in the international circles. As such, the spirit of hard work and dedication has enabled the firm to establish many bases of operations in many countries across the world.

His tenure as the CEO of OSI Group has been marked with tremendous success. Sheldon Lavin has helped to transform this organization into a global leader. OSI Group offers employment opportunities to many people. Its workforce runs into thousands of personnel spread over many nations. That is not all. The firm has revenues running of more than $6billion which is quite big for a privately owned firm. It is an economic powerhouse by itself, and it continues to grow and expand internationally.

Outside boardroom, Sheldon Lavin has received many awards due to his role in transforming the global food processing industry. For example, he received the 2016 Global Visionary Award. India’s Vision World Academy offered the prestigious award. This ward is given to individuals who have demonstrated the ability to serve humanity through persistence and humility. As such, they have realized essential goals in transforming the lives of other people. What is more, in the year 2015 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award. This was to recognize him for the commitment to serve the community.

Sheldon Lavin has assisted his company to receive several awards. Many organizations have recognized the various achievements made by OSI Group under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. The awards range from the areas of sustainable environmental management, health management and safety of operations in the workplace. In the field of philanthropy, he has touched the lives of very many people He has made many donations to institutions like the Evans Scholarship Fund which is a critical player in the educational sector.