Aloha Construction Points Out the Four Biggest Mistakes They See

Having completed over 20,000 jobs, the Better Business Bureau Torch Award winning Aloha Construction sees the same mistakes too many times not to say something. They contributed an article to Realty Times listing the four most common errors they see with tips on how to avoid making them.

First they see people trying to sell their homes make the wrong upgrades to increase the value. Aloha Construction sees many homeowners who add an extra room or bathroom to their house but ignore fundamental upgrades such as siding and roofs. Extra square feet is a bonus but if the roof leaks when it rains then the house needs work and this condition reduces the market value considerably. There are also the aesthetic reasons for improving the roof and siding, making the house look newer and presenting a better appearance for potential buyers.

Homeowners also neglect to get regular home inspections. By keeping up with inspections an owner can catch problems before they become catastrophes. Finding our you roof shingles are about to collapse is easier and cheaper to fix than waiting for the roof to cave in. With free once a year home inspections, Aloha Construction helps the homeowner work with the insurance company to minimize the deductible and help ensure the homeowner gets the best deal at the right time.

Aloha Construction also sees many homeowners neglecting basic maintenance like cleaning their gutters and downspouts. This simple process can remove a great deal of stress on a roof and walls and help them last longer, but many homeowners simply take this aspect of home maintenance for granted.

The final big mistake Aloha Construction lists is people skimping on their home repairs. Whether trying to do it for themselves or simply taking a cheap bidder over a more expensive but also more qualified one, mistakes and poor work can do long term damage to a home. Aloha Construction recommend always asking if the company is licensed, bonded and insured. If not the dangers of inadequate work increase, leading to bigger repair costs down the road when the problems inevitably come back.

Siteline Cabinetry for Happier Kitchens

People tend to buy houses based on two key areas – bathrooms and kitchens. However, a kitchen is the heart of many homes and the central socializing space. When starting renovation many people choose to renovate the kitchen first and leave other parts of the house to different times if they can avoid it. The kitchen often becomes the hub where the family members greet and get to see each other for more than a couple of minutes a day. Therefore if you want to make your kitchen happy, you should spruce it up a little bit when you can and allow it to help create the memories for friends and family.

A Beautiful Kitchen is a Happy One

Sideline Cabinetry wants to help you make your kitchen happier. Modern and traditional are combined in the kitchen cabinets Siteline Cabinetry offers its current and future clients. They offer classic and contemporary designs, and the prices are affordable so your bank account will not be wiped clean after you install them.

Kitchens should be designed to be both inviting and practical Siteline Cabinetry knows how vital storage is in any kitchen and they want to make sure that there is enough storage for each client’s individual needs. A wide variety of different materials offer possibilities to personalize your kitchen, and it will last for years to come.

The cabinets are created to order, and that means the designs have to be finished before any production can begin. There are several features and particular styles people tend to look for and here are some of them.

The Shaker Style Cabinets

People still choose Shaker Style as well as the traditional black and white style. They know what to expect from this design and modern technology works well with it too.


More often than not people want their kitchen to be unique to their space. They also want to add a color scheme as well as custom-designed features for storage and built-in appliances.

Technology First

Kitchen appliances have changed over the last five to ten years. The technology is now as advanced as ever, and the company wants to include it in their design options adding a modern, technology-oriented touch.

No matter which style suits you best, Siteline Cabinetry offers quality products to their customers because they care about their customers and their kitchens.

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