Alex Pall Cashes in on the Success of the Chainsmokers

The famous musical duo known as the Chainsmokers are a chart topping and hit making group. They have entertained the world since 2012. This group is musically successful. They cranked out hits such as “Closer” and “Paris” which helped them to become established household names. Their fame has not only given them praise from fans, music critics and industry insiders; the group also garnered riches. In 2018 the duo reportedly earned $45.5 million dollars. Alex Pall has used some of his earnings to purchase a brand-new home in Hollywood Hills.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up the EDM based group known as the Chainsmokers. These two guys had their start in New York. They were known as DJs who worked in the EDM scene for colleges and local clubs. Eventually, Pall and Taggart made it to the big time with their first hit known as “Selfie”. Once they arrived they worked hard to become household names.

Pall purchased a home in Hollywood Hills that had a middle 20th century design. The home is a 3,600 square-foot dwelling. The interior has been decorated by a New York designer named Peti Lau. Pall’s gigantic home has a musical studio, expertly crafted bedroom chambers and an 80’s/90’s rock and roll theme. Pall is very happy about his home. More importantly, he is grateful for the success of his music.

The Chainsmokers are continuing their journey into greatness. This dynamic musical duo wants to constantly expand what they do musically. Since they tour all over the world, they want their music to continue its global impact. Remember the Chainsmokers are not just big in the U.S.

The group has also been well received throughout Europe, some parts of Asia and in a few places within the Middle East. Pall wants everyone to know that they enjoy their fans. Young kids and older people like their music and this has humbled the group. The Chainsmokers are showing no sign of slowing down. As of August 2018, their latest release is “Side Effects” featuring Emily Warren .

The Chainsmokers Before the Albums


The Chainsmokers, the group, reformed in 2012. Adam Alpert brought the group back together and took over management duties for the group. Former Chainsmokers’member Rhett Bixler has left the duo several years later. Adam Alpert got Andrew Taggart, and original founding member Alex Pall together and the pair started producing electronic music in 2012.

The Chainsmokers Today

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart released their first album together Memories…Do Not Open in 2017. Now a year later, the debut album is still ranking high in the charts, holding on to the number one slot on Billboard’s Dance Charts. Their first collaboration together has held the number one position for 34 weeks since it’s

the release last year.

Upon Memories…Do Not Open’s release last year; the album debuted at number one on the dance/electronic music charts. From the record, many number one tunes stayed in the Top 40 dance music charts. On Billboard Top 200 the album has always remained in the top twenty since it was released last year.

History Of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers had their first hit with the release of the dance number, Selfie, in 2014. Not long after the release of Selfie, the duo released Roses, which maintained the top ten list in the Hot 100 songs charts.

This year has been a magnificent year for the duo, releasing hit after hit since 2017. Earlier this year in February 2018, the hit You Owe Me, became a hit dance tune. After You Owe Me, the duo released Everybody Hates Me which received over 9 million plays on the web.

“Somebody” was released in April 2018, being produced with multi-vocals and electronic background tracks. This tune became the next hit for the group.


The Chainsmokers are still riding off the success of their debut album. The group’s infectious mix of vocals and electronic background tracks grow on their fans, leaving them wanting and waiting for more. For a group debut album to stay in the top 20 spot in Billboard’s Top 200 is no small feat.

What next for the Chainsmokers? Their eager fans patiently wait for their next hit!