Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy offer teacher training program for urban teachers

Have you heard about Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy, the New York based charter network just about everyone in education is talking about?


Have you thought about becoming a teacher in an urban setting but are not sure if you can get the education and the training you need?


If so, and you would like to live in the New York area, Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy can help.


That is because not only do Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy offer one of the best education systems in New York for their students, they also offer a teacher training program for would-be teachers as well.


The program is called the Teacher Residency Program and was set up by Success Academy so that new teachers, or people who would love to teach but do not have the qualifications, can get the training necessary to succeed in their career goals.


The program accepts people five times a year, so there is always a convenient time to apply. Once in the program, you will receive training in how Success Academy teachers educate their students. Training that will equip you to teach in any Success Academy school, and elsewhere as well.


The Teacher Residency Program at Success Academy runs for two years and is a fully-paid position, so you do not have to worry about paying school fees as the charter network pays you to learn.


After all, Eva Moskowitz knows how difficult it can be to become a teacher if you do not have the funds to pay for a degree. She also wants enthusiastic and ambitious students in her program and, if that is you, she is more than happy to help.


The program has been set up by Eva Moskowitz and executives of the Success Academy so that you get hands-on teaching experience while being under the guidance of lead teachers at the Academy.


Training includes classroom management skills, effective teaching skills, and all about the Success Academy’s curriculum, teaching resources, goals and organizational values.


All of this means, when you graduate the program at the end of two years, you will be fully trained and equipped to teach your own classroom in a way Success Academy knows will give your students a huge advantage over many others.