The Matter and Treatment of Lung Stem Cell

Lung Institute was founded for helping people who suffer from Chronic Lung Cancer. The institute aimed at increasing the quality of life that sick people lived. Patients’ diagnoses with lung cancer greatly suffer physically and mentally. The traditional treatment options end up having many side effects.

Traditional treatment methods focus on relieving the symptoms of lung cancer rather than reducing the progression of the disease. The Lung Institute deals with the Chronic Lung cancer in all stages. It matches patients with the most effective way of treatments. The treatment options include evidence-based therapies as well as the innovative Clinical trial treatment.

Stem Cell Therapy

The effort to improve the lives of their patients, the Lung Institute in Baylor College of Medicine developed the Stem cell therapy. The purpose of the new therapy is affecting more than the symptoms of cancer. Stem cell therapy deals with the root cause of lung cancer. Autologous stem cells gotten from the patient’s body are used in harnessing the patient’s own healing ability.

The therapy eases the symptoms of lung cancer and aids in preventing its progression. The minimal Stem cell therapy procedure has great progress. Traditional treatment options hinder the addition of innovative solutions such as Stem Cell technologies in disease treatment. Stem Cell technologies are reshaping the medicine Use in the United States of America.

Barry M. Stripp, a lead expert in Lung disease and stem cell therapy has become the official head of research for the Stem Cell therapy. Stripp received a $5 million research award towards Stem Cell therapy. He said he will focus on the traditional research components as well as the clinical management of lung cancer. The joined efforts will lead to new therapeutic as well as surgical treatment options for cancer patients.

Stripp research interests it focus and repair the analysis of lung injury, both Cellular and Molecular. It defects in the Epithelia lining small airwaves prompts therapeutic interventions aimed at restoring the lungs functionality. Stripp work has defined the microenvironment in which the various stem tissue live. Through the therapeutic works, the Stem cells technology research will establish the root cause of cancer. Read the patients testimonials on