Bruno Fagali Writes About How Companies Can Advertise Alcoholic Beverages

Bruno Fagali is an attorney who serves as the ethics compliance officer at a Brazilian ad agency, New / SB. They have in place at this agency an anti-corruption code of ethics program in order to comply with new federal laws. He makes sure that everyone at the agency complies with them.

He also owns his own law firm that he established in July 2016. He has 10 years of experience as an attorney and is a graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where he earned his law degree.

Bruno Fagali often writes about different legal issues on a legal blog he operates as part of his law firm. A recent article was about the legal issues surrounding advertising for alcoholic beverages. He wrote that the National Council for Self-Regulatory Advertising had recently approved new rules regarding how these types of drinks can and cannot be advertised.


According to Bruno Fagali, there are two main components implemented under these new rules. The first is that the advertisement can’t make drinking an alcoholic beverage an urgent matter. The second is that every advertisement has to have a warning clause in it. Bruno Fagali wrote that anyone can report an advertisement to the National Council for Self-Regulatory Advertising if they feel it is not in compliance with these new rules. If an ad is reported this organization can suspend the ad before there is any sort of hearing.

These new rules apply to all forms of advertising whether in print, on television, the radio, or on the internet. Bruno Fagali wrote that the Brazilian government started cracking down on advertising for alcoholic beverages back in 1988 and the laws were last strengthened in December 2006. The rules apply to wine, beer, spirits, and any similar beverage that has any alcoholic content in it.

Bruno Fagali is considered to be one of the rising stars in the legal field in Brazil. He has developed in-depth knowledge of several areas of law such as compliance and ethics. His specialty is fighting corruption, particularly in the media.

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