Understanding the groups that fight for human rights


Millions of people do not understand the importance of fighting for the human rights. The main reason for this confusion is that there are several people whose rights have never been violated. Some of the citizens do not understand the weight of violating another person’s rights.

Millions of other citizens are just assuming their rights, and they do not mind if others step on them. Usually, the citizens complain when it is too late to prevent certain things. In order to prevent the results and consequences of violating the human rights, different organizations have decided to stand up for the public and help the people to make sound decisions.

The case of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the co-founders of Village Voice Media. The duo equally cofounded the Phoenix New York Times. When they were exposing the rot within the state of Arizona, Jim and Michael were wrongfully arrested.

The journalists understood their professional roles as well as the laws of defamation. Having called for the implementation of the first amendment, the Sheriff of Maricopa County decided to use his powers to intimidate the gentlemen. Larkin and Lacey were confiscated from their homes in the middle of the night. This act was against the human rights. There were no fair hearings or any cause for the arrest.

The Frontera Fund

After being declared innocent by the courts, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey received a sum of 3.75 million dollars. For the first time in their encounters, the journalists felt the pain of human rights violation.

There were several people who were suffering because their rights were getting violated every time. Because of the conviction, Jim and Michael decided to donate the entire donation to the organizations that support human rights.

International Migrants Rights Advocacy

The International Migrants Rights Advocacy is an organization that is dedicated to the provision of quality security to the immigrants. Thousands of immigrants have been compromised within the host countries as well as in the borders.

The organization does not work in seclusion. It has included several other organizations around the world in order to help the immigrants fight for their rights. Having been started in the United States, the organization has formed partnerships with others in Canada and Mexico. It works with the Global Coalition on Migration.

Women in Migration Network

During the process of migration, women get compromised a lot. They are vulnerable to attacks and different forms of casualties. The fact that these women cannot defend themselves put them in a situation that can be hard to save them. The Women in Migration Network is an organization where the rights of the women are protected. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/5-smart-ways-people-and-places-are-resisting-trumps-immigration-policies/

The organization works with the International Migrants Rights Advocacy to ensure that the rights of the women are protected. At the borders, women need special security and attention. Thousands of women have died in the process of crossing the borders because of the difficulties which they encounter.

The organization has dedicated its resources in the past to ensure total safety. More plans are in place for the future cases.

The Contributions of Louis Chenevert to the Success of UTC

Whenever there is a discussion about United Technologies Corporation’s (UTC) great achievements, the name Mr. Louis R. Chenevert has to pop up. Mr. Chenevert is a retired and remarkable former CEO of UTC who did a great job during his time. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert’s notable accomplishments after, during, and before his serving as the Chief Executive Officer of UTC are still fresh in the minds of people. He attended the University of Montreal’s affiliate Business School where he obtained his degree in production management.

This Canadian businessperson was born in 1957. Before his election in 2006 as the Chief Executive Officer of UTC, Mr. Louis R. Chenevert was the president of Whitney and Pratt Canada. He held the position of CEO at UTC from 2006 to 2014 before voluntarily stepping down. Mr. Louis R. Chenevert’s decision to step down as CEO is considered among the most inexplicable retirements of all times. Chenevert’s great work was appreciated by many people but came to an unexpected end when he willingly stepped down. Edward Kangas replaced Mr. Louis R. Chenevert.

Mr. Louis R. Chenevert’s Accomplishments as UTC President

The current CEO of UTC Gregory Hayes constantly reminds his workers that good leaders are those that leave their companies better than they found them. He urges his employees to imitate Mr. Louis R. Chenevert’s great work. One quality exhibited by Louis during his time as CEO was the ability to comprehend and put into practice great leadership. He was fully aware that UTC couldn’t perform well unless great investments were made in the employees. Louis successfully created a productive and reliable workforce by encouraging his workers to pursue learning through employee scholar leadership.

Mr. Louis R. Chenevert helped lay a great foundation for UTC. He ensured that there were strategically located and sufficient resources. Thanks to the efforts of Louis, United Technologies Corporation has become an international company with a broad range of investments in various economies. With the strong foundation laid by Mr. Louis R. Chenevert, UTC will confidently welcome the future as a company that can recognize various gaps in the market and instantly grasp them.

The Incredible Attorney, Jeremy Goldstein

With the evolvement in the business domain and changes in compensation methods, various companies have opted to halt giving their employees stock options. In an explanation by Jeremy Goldstein, some companies have opted for this option as a way of saving money through the cutting of expenses. However, not all organization stop providing stock options to employees with an intent of saving money. There are complex reasons as to why some of the companies embrace this option.


As depicted from some companies that still give employees stock options, considerable accounting burdens are recorded. Moreover, this compensation method turns to be wary to some workers. As such, employees understand that with possible economic downturns, the stock options tend to be rendered worthless. Jeremy Goldstein agrees that such benefits do not tend to resemble cash but rather resemble casino tokens. Stock options can also decline in value. Under such conditions, the employees are limited in exercising their options.


Although there are setbacks which discourage companies from continuing utilizing stock options as discussed, there are still several advantages linked to stock options. Some companies prefer stock options over equities, additional wages and even insurance covers. The primary reason behind this is that the employees tend to easily understand stock options as compared to the other compensation modes. Jeremy Goldstein agrees that the stock options give all the staff members something of an equivalent to all of them. This maintains fairness among other benefits.


The stock options can also be preferred based on the view that they can boost the individual earnings of employees in case the corporation increases the share value. Under this perspective, the stock options motivate all the employees to actively participate in ensuring that the company achieves success and meets the set goals and objectives. This is advantageous since the customers work in such a way that they satisfy the already present customer base. At the same time, the staff members work in a way to entice more customers through giving better services.


Jeremy Goldstein is an incredible attorney who is highly sought by corporations in case they need legal advice. He is sought by reputable organizations based on his incredible knowledge that he portrays while giving the legal advice. Moreover, he has more than fifteen years of experience which makes him an ideal person for the task.


As a business lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein established his first law firm in New York. This was after gaining the needed skills and expertise through working in a similar company. The contributions of Jeremy Goldstein are depicted from the vital roles he has played in reputable organizations such as Bank One, Merck, At&T, Chevron among others.


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Life is Tough in Quincy

Quincy Apartment complex rests close to the Raritan River, Liberty Street, and New Street, in New Brunswick, in New Jersey, U.S. Unfortunately, the residents staying in this place have been having nightmares because of different situations that have occurred over the years. The majority of what happens at Quincy include possession of illegal guns, shooting crimes, and theft. The place has left a lot of people injured because of the illegal guns. Quincy has poor security, and the police in this area have difficult work to do, from answering to domestic disputes to handling shooting cases.


There was an incident that occurred on May 7, 2013, where a pizza delivery man was asked to go to the Northern building (section of Quincy Circle) to deliver pizza, which was more than 200 units. The pizza man questioned the residents because no one was claiming the pizza order, he decided to go back to his car, before reaching his car, there were three men with weapons waiting for him. They robbed the pizza delivery man the pizza he was carrying, the money he had, and shot him; then the gangsters drove off.


The policemen used the cell phone information and found a suspect, who was an ordinary street man. The man was charged with obstruction of justice, unlawful weapon possession, robbery, and giving wrong information. Later in the same evening, a person who was injured went to RWJUH (Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital), the person was believed to be a victim of the gun shots.


There was another incident that took place at Quincy New Brunswick Apartments on Oct. 7, 2015, a shooting was reported, where one person was injured. The area is known to be a hot spot for robberies and crime activities. The perpetrator of the shooting was one criminal, at that time shots were heard in the air four times that left a person injured. The person who was wounded was taken to the hospital.


The police believed that the person took the wounded person to the hospital was the suspect in the shooting. The policemen returned to the Quincy New Brunswick Apartments for a thorough investigation after finding more bullets at the compound. The police chief said that the policemen have been going to that area frequently and these incidents are common in that area. This makes it hard for residents who live in this area live normal lives because crime happens almost daily.

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The Quincy; Shootings in New Brunswick, NJ

Discover Bernardo Chua’s Leadership in Network Marketing & Therapeutic Products

Bernardo Chua is a successful direct selling executive and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Organo Gold, a hugely prosperous network marketing company with a focus on health and wellness products.

He founded Organo Gold in 2008 and is serving as the CEO. Under his leadership, the company has rapidly grown to over $1 billion in annual revenue. It boasts of over a million global distributors and a presence in more than fifty countries around the world. Learn more about Bernardo Chua: http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Bernardo-Chua/676218748

Organo Gold is one of the biggest network marketing firms in the world. It is involved in the production and distribution of health and wellness consumer products. The company has an extensive global distributor network and innovative products that improve the lives of people. It provides business opportunity through its distribution networks.

It also provides health and wellness consumables that improve people’s lives. This includes beverages such as specialty coffee and tea, nutritional supplements and personal care products.

The Street revealed that Bernardo Chua has extensive experience in the multilevel marketing business. He started his career with Gano Excel, a multilevel marketing company based in the Malaysia. He co-founded the Philippines branch of the company in 1999 and served as the general manager.

He achieved tremendous success leading to the expansion of the firm in Hong Kong and Canada. Eventually, the company established a footprint in the US. He then moved to oversee the operations of the US subsidiary in the role of President.

Organo Gold is committed to providing innovative and therapeutic products. These are based on a rare mushroom that has been used for decades in Asian medicine. This mushroom is called the lingzhi mushroom.

Bernardo Chua continues to lead the company to greater heights. His leadership success has enabled the company to win numerous awards in the industry. These include the National Shoppers Choice title and the Direct Sales Company of the Year prize. Also, he has also been awarded the Dangal ng Bayan prize for business.

Through Organo Gold, Berndao supports the OG Cares Foundation, a non-profit empowering the youth from around the world with skills, training and business opportunities. This enables them to achieve self-sufficiency.


Innovacare health continues to be the leading health care providers in not only North America but also Puerto Rico. In a bid to advance their medical care expertise the company joined the government sponsored programs of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid.In 2016, Innovacare Health changed its reigns of leadership so that they could cater for their clientele better. Some of the changes which were made include; the appointment of Penelope Kokkinides to the chief administrative officer.Before holding this post, Penelope Kokkinides has held various posts in the healthcare industry in America. Some of the include working for Centerlight HealthCare as the chief operating officer and executive vice president. This role ensured that she administered the management of the company and steered the strategy of the health care facility. Kokkinides is a specialist in managing government health care programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.

In addition to this, she is also experienced in health care management and operations, coming up with clinical programs. Her main focus lies in organizational infrastructure and improving the efficiency of healthcare.Penelope Kokkinides attended Columbia University and graduated with a Masters in Public Health. She also attended New York University for another Masters in Social Work. She attended Binghamton University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science and Classical languages. In addition to this, she also has a post-master’s advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse.Dr. Richard Shinto; the CEO and president was also appointed in 2016. Previously, Dr. Shinto worked at Medical Pathways Management Company as the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Dr. Shinto launched his medical career as an internist and pulmonologist. The doctor has more than 20 years practice in the healthcare industry.

He has also worked for MedPartners as a corporate vice president of medical management and NAMM California as a Chief Medical Officer and Cal Optima as a Chief Medical Officer. The doctor has also worked for many other medical facilities.The experienced doctor has a medical degree from New York’s State University. He also attended the University of California, and he graduated with a Bachelor of Science. Dr. Shinto also attended the University of Redlands and graduated with an M.B.A. The doctor is a published author with numerous titles on clinical medicine and healthcare under his belt.Other Innovacare Health staffs that were appointed include Mike Sortino who became the chief accounting officer and Jonathan Meyers who became the chief actuary officer. Dr. Shinto was very pleased with these appointments, and he believed that they would guide the company towards the right direction.

Capitalism Poses A Threat To Society In The View Of George Soros

In 1947, George Soros set out on a refugee journey taking him from the Communist regime in control of his native Hungary who seized control of the country in the days following the end of the Nazi Occupation of Hungary taking place during World War II. Soros is in a unique position as he has lived under various totalitarian regimes and in the U.K. and U.S. at times when he believes they are nations on the verge of failure; in an article for The Atlantic, George Soros believes he has identified a series of similarities between the global conditions of the early years of both the 20th and 21st-centuries. In the article for The Atlantic, Soros explained his reasons for believing the world stands on the brink of a crisis similar to that faced in the build-up to the two World Wars of the 20th-century. Learn more on discoverthenetworks.org about George Soros.

Many of the similarities identified by George Soros have been behind his reasons for becoming involved in the U.S. political scene in 2016, for the first time in over a decade. Politico reports the 2016 U.S. Presidential and local elections both felt the financial muscle of Soros as he made the decision to become one of the main supporters of the campaign for The White House of Hillary Clinton with more than $25 million provided in support for Clinton’s campaign and the PAC’s supporting her. Clinton and Soros have shared a political friendship lasting more than 25 years and reportedly bonded over policy details after the hedge fund billionaire admitted his decision to back President Barrack Obama over Clinton in 2008 was a mistake. Social justice is a major part of the philosophical concept of the open society George Soros uses as his main ideology, an idea that has pushed him towards a new way of showing his political support for Democratic candidates for Prosecutor and District Attorney positions.

The open society is a philosophical ideology George Soros first came into contact with during his days as a student at the London School of Economics; philosopher Karl Popper became a mentor for George Soros and guided him through the open society theory Soros has been using as a guiding principle ever since. George Soros believes the open society allows free movement of people across international borders and sees any nation with a dominant political ideology without rival as a nation that has already begun to fail. The issues in the early years of the 20th-century with the British Empire beginning to fail under the weight of a capitalist ideology is being replicated in the U.S. in the 21st-century, in the view of George Soros. Over the course of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, George Soros was critical of President Donald Trump as a candidate and has vowed to continue his fight against the Republican during his time in The White House. Read his profile at Forbes.

Businessman And Philanthropist Logan Stout Does An Interview On Ideamensch

One of the questions given to Logan Stout while he was being interviewed on Ideamensch was what is a business idea that he is willing to share with readers of Ideamensch. Mr. Stout said that a business idea that he is willing to give away to the Ideamensch community is to capitalize on the rapidly aging baby boomer population. He says that this age group represents a large part of the population and they are all at or nearing retirement age at the moment.

Logan Stout believes that if somebody could come up with a way to make their lives more enjoyable and better, then they could really make a fortune. He gives the example of the explosion of assisted living and senior citizen housing communities in the USA right now. Mr. Stout suggests targeting this age group’s needs as they hit retirement could be a wise business move as the population of this segment is very high. You already have the customer market in place. All you really need is to find a product or service that they will need or like to use.

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The next question given to Logan Stout on his Ideamensch interview was what did he spend his best $100 on recently and why. Mr. Stout replied that he is not a spender and that he lives his life very simply and frugally. He says he is guided by the mantra of living simply, being generous, loving others and praying constantly. With this guiding philosophy in life, Logan Stout says he really does not require much to be happy and feel fulfilled.

After giving the question some more thought, Logan Stout decided that the best $100 he has recently spent was not on something he bought for himself or someone else. It was rather money that he gave to a young woman to help kick start a non-profit organization. The young woman suffers from an illness, and wants to help others who are suffering from the same disease. Helping this young woman reach out to more people and supporting her own philanthropic effort is the best money he has spent in the past months says Logan Stout.

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The Key to Promoting Fabletics to New Customers

Fabletics has become a very interesting company because it speaks to a generation of millennial consumers that have very little time to sort through clothing online. Everyone that shops online is not going to be a fan of spending all of their time looking through various pages of a website for clothes. The truth is that most websites have too much for people to look through.


Fabletics is a site that actually has new garments that are arriving every week. This means that it is much harder for people to sort through the Abundant amount of clothes if they don’t have time. Kate Hudson knew that this would be something that would slow shoppers down so she created a great alternative for anyone that may not have a lot of time to shop. What Kate Hudson has managed to do is give customers the ability to sign up for automated shipments.


When they take a style quiz they get the chance to segment the clothes that they are actually interested in. This is great because it gives them the chance to stay away from all the clothing that they are not interested in. For consumers that are shopping on Fabletics it is going to be so much easier to put time into other things because they do not have to shop for their athletic clothing. Someone that works out on a regular basis in a gym is certainly going to want an extensive wardrobe. Kate Hudson has helped people resolve this issue by giving them access to clothes that are sent right to their door every month.


Credit cards are charged automatically, and customers get the chance to spend more time working out than they are doing shopping. Fabletics is definitely an innovative clothing company, and more people are going to see how this company is able to become profitable. It all hinges on the way that people are becoming aware of this brand.

The word is spreading about Fabletics through social media. The word is also spreading through various channels where customers are getting connected with the brand through holiday sales. Kate Hudson gives new customers many opportunities to reap the benefits of sales. This type of tactic for marketing Fabletics has led many people to sign up for VIP memberships. People are much quicker to patronize and sign up for memberships when they get sales on products instantly.

Scott Rocklage: 5AM Ventures

Scott Rocklage has been a managing partner of 5AM Ventures since 2004. He mainly specializes in the biopharmaceuticals division. 5AM Venture Management Company LLC is a company that specializes in the management of start up companies, growth capital companies, and companies that are in their early stages.

They do have a preference though, and prefer mainly to invest their time and money into life science companies, who focus on the development of drugs and biopharmaceuticals. Read more: Sccot Racklage | Bloomberg

Scott Rocklage has a very impressive background. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also known for being an inventor and a co-inventor, and has over 30 United States patents. He has also written peer reviewed publications and has more than one hundred of them.

Scott Rocklage, otherwise known under the name Dr. Rocklage, has also been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, and has several drugs that have been approved by the administration themselves. His impressive history doesn’t stop there. He also served as president and CEO of a company called Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutary, and Chairman, President, and CEO of Nycomed Interventional.

Doctor Rocklage has an extensive history in healthcare management, with over twenty years of experience in that field. He knows his way around biotech, biopharmaceuticals, and anything that involves drugs for the human body.

He is a genius in his field, and being backed by the Federal Drug Administration, he is very trusted at what he does and had been able to invest in about right other companies.

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Scott M. Rocklage