Dick Devos’ Involvement in Politics, Education and Philanthropy

Dick Devos’ family has a long history in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. The Devos family founded the Amway Corporation, and this multi-million dollar company has become well-known around the world.


Dick Devos served as President of Amway. As a result of his position with the company, he became a well-respected figure in the Grand Rapids business community. When it came time to try to bring economic development to the city, the opinions and ideas of Mr. Devos were much sought after.


There was a plan to build a new convention center and sports arena north of Grand Rapids’ downtown area. Dick Devos knew that if this plan was carried forward, it would spell the death of future downtown development. However, if the arena and convention center were located in the downtown area, these buildings could spur future development and economic growth in the area. Mr. Devos used his considerable influence to see the arena and convention center brought downtown. Mr. Devos and his family also contributed to helping the hospital in the downtown area by providing a substantial monetary gift to help with the children’s section of the hospital.


For many years, Mr. Devos has had an interest in the subject of education. He is a firm believer in school choice, vouchers and charter schools. He and his wife have been politically active in trying to get the state of Michigan, and other states, to pass legislation to make school choice a reality.


Mr. Devos didn’t limit his political involvement to educational matters alone. He became actively involved in Republican Party politics within his state. In fact, Dick Devos made a run for the position of governor. He ultimately fell short of that goal.


Even though defeated in his gubernatorial efforts, Mr. Devos continued to advocate for his positions in Michigan. He was instrumental in getting the state to pass a right-to-work bill.


Throughout his life, Mr. Devos has used his considerable financial resources to help others in his local community and across the nation. He and his family provide support each year to a charter school with an aviation theme that was founded by Mr. Devos. The Devos family also contributes to a number of colleges, private schools, hospitals and religious projects as well.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

Shervin Pishevar Pulled His Ms. Cleo Out Of The Bag Six Months Ago On Twitter – Check Out These Wildly-Correct Predictions He Made In February

As we all know – or at least all of us that haven’t lived in a cave for the past decade-plus – social media has helped people share their opinions in a more-frequent, less-filtered fashion than ever before. While some tweets, posts, and shares are inappropriate and totally out-of-place; and most of them are standard, plain, flat-out boring posts containing unimportant things like pictures of users’ lunches; very little content on the World Wide Web’s countless social media networks is insightful and well-thought-out.

Although he isn’t the only social media user who has published quality content, Shervin Pishevar is one of the brightest minds in financial services; much to the satisfaction of followers of the greater financial market, Mr. Pishevar is hardly scared to share his deepest thoughts, insights, and predictions through the globally-available social media network Twitter.

In February 2018 – nearly six months ago as of July 31, 2018 – Shervin Pishevar published a short novel’s worth of high-quality content on Twitter after taking a two-and-a-half month break from all social media and online networking sites.

The nearly-novella-length “tweetstorm” Shervin Pishevar published over a roughly 24-hour period contained 50 tweets – one of the hottest such tweets on the first half of content he published read “Inflation is dead … Inflation never manifests itself [the] way many expect. We’ve managed to export inflation for decades now,” referring to the United States’ overarching dumping of inflation off of the United States Dollar over the past few decades.

Inflation is never fun, but it’s normal – it’s necessary for a nation’s currency and its financial markets to be kept in check. Shervin Pishevar claimed that the bond market would soon fail due to our exportation of inflation.

He also said that quantitative easing, a monetary policy practice that helps keep the United States Dollar and other currencies in check, is effectively the “only thing” to have “had long term [sic] predictable results” of anything related to monetary policy moves. However, Shervin Pishevar immediately thereafter suggests that quantitative easing doesn’t have the power it once did and will be unable to perpetuate the bullish run of bonds for much longer.


Aloha Construction Points Out the Four Biggest Mistakes They See

Having completed over 20,000 jobs, the Better Business Bureau Torch Award winning Aloha Construction sees the same mistakes too many times not to say something. They contributed an article to Realty Times listing the four most common errors they see with tips on how to avoid making them.

First they see people trying to sell their homes make the wrong upgrades to increase the value. Aloha Construction sees many homeowners who add an extra room or bathroom to their house but ignore fundamental upgrades such as siding and roofs. Extra square feet is a bonus but if the roof leaks when it rains then the house needs work and this condition reduces the market value considerably. There are also the aesthetic reasons for improving the roof and siding, making the house look newer and presenting a better appearance for potential buyers.

Homeowners also neglect to get regular home inspections. By keeping up with inspections an owner can catch problems before they become catastrophes. Finding our you roof shingles are about to collapse is easier and cheaper to fix than waiting for the roof to cave in. With free once a year home inspections, Aloha Construction helps the homeowner work with the insurance company to minimize the deductible and help ensure the homeowner gets the best deal at the right time.

Aloha Construction also sees many homeowners neglecting basic maintenance like cleaning their gutters and downspouts. This simple process can remove a great deal of stress on a roof and walls and help them last longer, but many homeowners simply take this aspect of home maintenance for granted.

The final big mistake Aloha Construction lists is people skimping on their home repairs. Whether trying to do it for themselves or simply taking a cheap bidder over a more expensive but also more qualified one, mistakes and poor work can do long term damage to a home. Aloha Construction recommend always asking if the company is licensed, bonded and insured. If not the dangers of inadequate work increase, leading to bigger repair costs down the road when the problems inevitably come back.


The RealReal Platform and A Glimpse of Its Fantastic Valuable Service Through Its Instagram Account

The RealReal app seems to be changing the way luxury shopping works. Before, people have to go to the actual luxury brand stores to get the product they want. This isn’t the same thing today. With The RealReal’s service and app, people can now obtain their most coveted luxury items, such as bags from Louboutin, Hermes, Chanel and Givenchy, without the worry of getting a counterfeit item.

The good thing, too, about The RealReal is that it is very active in social media. The Real Real’s Instagram account, in fact, shares some of the most popular luxury items that people can choose from. It is in the Instagram feed of the Real Real that consumers can get a glimpse of what they can enjoy from the app. There are photos there showing Balenciaga shoes, Hermes and Gucci bags and even clothes from Chanel. There are also interesting fashion tips and tidbits from renowned luxury brand designers, which include Versace, Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana. All of these brands have been a source of delight and pleasure by so many people, and it’s just fun that The RealReal goes out of its way to share some information about these items in their Instagram feed.

About The RealReal

CEO and Founder of The RealReal, Julie Wainright, created this consignment marketplace in order to provide a place for people to scan through luxury items without the burden of actually going to the store. It is also the vision of RealReal to offer quality, non-counterfeit, certified-authentic second-hand luxury items at the most affordable cost.

It is safe to assume that The RealReal is trying to revolutionize the shopping industry in the luxury item sector. The fact, too, that the company has a no-fake policy is not the main selling point of the firm. What stands out in the firm is that it is able to offer personal high-touch services to its clientele, including delivering the consignment item to the homes of the buyer. Through the warehouse of The RealReal, the company is also able to provide consistent, reliable service that gets to sell all its items in less than 30 days.

Children’s Pediatrics: Dr. Saad Saad

Doctor Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon and is well respected in this field. Dr. Saad Saad has been practicing medicine for over 47 years. He has some life lessons to share with others and some advice on how to reach the top of the field.

Dr. Saad was born in Palestine and had to leave home at a very young age. His father told him that even thought they had nothing at the time the only way he would be successful is with a higher education. He would be able to do anything in the world and live anywhere if he received a higher education. Before going to school Saad tried manual labor but ended up having a heat stroke. He knew right then and there that was not the life he wanted. He went to the operating room and fell in love with medicine. It was at that time he realized that he wanted to become a pediatric surgeon.

Dr. Saad also wants to let people know that it will take hard work to be successful. He stated that procrastination if one of the worst things for success and a person needs to use their time efficiently. They should not put anything off to the next day when they can accomplish it that day. Dr. Saad made the trip to the United States and had a goal of becoming a USA Board Certified doctor. He knew it was going to take some work but it was his dream. In the 1980s’ Dr. Saad was the only pediatric surgeon in the United States that was able to speak both English and Arabic. This made him a top candidate for many different positions. He was the official Pediatric Surgeon for the Saudi Royal Family and was able to offer his services to any child that needed it in Saudi Arabia.

When he returned to the United States, he was able to help over 2,000 children during the course of his career. He was always looking for ways to improve medical procedures as had a passion for medical innovation. Dr. Saad Saad was able to save thousands of children during his medical career.

Learn more : https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md

The Business Career, Philosophy and Book of Vijay Eswaran

It is a mark of good motivational speakers if the books written by them are able to capture their right audience. It should also inspire their readers and generate the best solutions that could help people. One of these motivational speakers that aspire to such aim is Vijay Eswaran. He’s a businessman, motivational speaker and he is also known by his readers for his personal philosophy.

The Businessman

It can be said that Vijay Eswaran is already known for being a Malaysian businessman. He is also the Executive Chairman for Qi Group of Companies. He’s a go-getter, and also a successful entrepreneur at best. His business record is impeccable, impressive and at the same time influential. Many people have already enjoyed the prosperity he generated. Many have enjoyed the benefits that he has initiated in his ventures. Another outstanding thing that can be said about him is the fact that he initially started a multi-level marketing company. He then later transformed it into Qi Group. This transition has now transformed his previous firm into an e-commerce company. This new firm has networks in the media, travel, telecommunications and training industries. It should also be added that the success of Eswaran has also expanded to 10 countries.


The personal philosophy of Eswaran would have to be centered on service. He wants to spread prosperity with his business ventures. But he also wants to make sure that the right programs reach to the right communities. He does this by initiating social responsibility programs through the charity arm of QI group.

His Motivational Speaker Career

One of the many other ventures of Eswaran is to write motivational books. His book “Two Minutes From The Abyss” can be found in Amazon. It is a retelling of some of the important insight that Eswaran has learned all through his career. It is there that people can learn how he has managed to deal with the challenges in business. The book also shares some of the tips he himself uses in his life. It is the book that also shares some of the effective mind-setting methods that Eswaran uses. These mind setting methods include total focus, detachment and analysis.