Sussex Healthcare

Taking care of the elderly in the society can be a costly and challenging task and it to this end that Sussex Healthcare was founded in 1985 to provide different services to the senior adults, operating best facilities in the southeastern part of the United Kingdom.

The business module operates under the precept where for some given fee the organization takes upon them to provide care and extension services to the aged, the facilities accept aged persons and have a professional team of caregivers who are available to the patients twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

The Healthcare has certification from Health Quality Service (HQS) given in 2002 for being a facility with superior standards of quality granted a status of the only independent care facility. The use of modern technology and therapies to take care of individuals with deteriorating medical conditions and health issues has put Sussex Healthcare in the forefront in care provision and has seen them receive accreditation from International Organization for Standardization (ISO). During the enrollment at their facility, the experts carry out an extensive examination to try and establish which type of activity would be best suited for them and meet their expectation.


The examples of the therapies offered are such as:
1. Hydrotherapy- This form of treatment involves the uses of water to undertake various exercises. Sussex Healthcare uses this therapy to improve the resident’s flexibility, strengthen their joints and maximize their well being.

2. Reflexology- is a form of spa treatment where the therapist works on applying pressure and massages the feet, hands, and head to treat illness and relieve tension. The therapy foundation is on the idea that those specific body organs have a link to the other body parts. Sussex Healthcare uses reflexology to boost the person’s energy and increase their bone density. The therapy also stimulates the production of endorphins which improve the body functions.

3. Designing crafts. To keep the residents occupied and active Sussex Healthcare organizes craft making activities to promote memory and stimulate creativity. The various games and activities help the residents create friendship bonds amongst them and make more active and expressive.

4. The Gym. The health facility boasts a modern gym center with all the types of equipment from bikes to weights. Exercises help stabilize the person’s core and encourage their motor skills which reduce significantly the symptoms related to neurological conditions and the stiffness that arise as their result.

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Students “Take-off” With Rocketship Education

When looking at student progress, there is the traditional proficiency model used in the majority of public schools, which compares a student’s progress and ability to where it assumed he should be according to his current grade level. A student who is considered below grade level often stays there and may even fall further behind. Standardized assessments implemented by states are sources of proficiency data and leave out a key factor which may better assist a student who is considered behind his peers: growth data. Growth data illustrates where a student’s abilities currently lie, not just compared to grade level. Using assessments such as NWEA’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment provide teachers with a clearer picture as to whether or not a student is responding to instruction, rather than are they reaching grade-level proficiency.

Rocketship Education is one such school where it is progress versus proficiency and that socio-economic boundaries can be overcome by focusing on student progress. They seek to serve a student population who may begin school behind their peers due to environment and resources and then struggle to keep up. When a student may need to make more than a school year’s worth of growth to meet proficiency, students can begin to lose hope of ever catching up.

To close this achievement gap, Rocketship Education employs community involvement and utilizes parents as advocates for their students’ education. Families can be one of the most powerful tools in assisting students and a cooperative relationship with the school can lead to tremendous change. Using highly qualified teachers, each student receives personalized learning instead of a “one size fits all” approach. Each child is different and using a mix of technology and progress assessment students are taught where they are currently performing, not where they are assumed they should be. Rocketship Education strives to meet each child where they are and take them where they want to go.