The Oxford Club Has An Understanding Of The Market Enabling Them To Obtain Great Wealth For Their Members

The 1987 stock market crash was thirty years ago, on October 19th, of 1987. The crash took the market by surprise, and clients panicked. Many believe the worst part was the crash was not the result of a particular event. The volume activity, and price in the stock market is studied by technical analysis. This was designed to reduce losses, yet the losses were compounded. Although regulations have changed, flash crashes are still an occurrence.

The Dow dropped almost 1,000 points on August 24th of 2015, and a 10-Year Treasury caused yields to plummet on October 15th of 2014. This was blamed on algorithms by the SEC. These incidents prove a calm market is not normal, and severe fluctuations can occur instantly. The best investors can anticipate bear markets, diversify, and hold onto a decent supply of cash.

The Oxford Club’s members are a representation of entrepreneurs, and investors on an international level. They were established with a mission, to protect the incredible wealth of more than 80,000 members. No matter what the existing market conditions were, the Oxford has successfully maintained their mission for two solid decades. The members believe the most worthwhile opportunities are not in the mainstream press. They seek out these opportunities, perform their research, and select the ones with the best potential for profit, and with the smallest chances of any risk. These are the opportunities the members share.

The Investment U is the name of the Oxford Club’s educational arm. It was 1999 when they were established, and the web contains their financial education sites. The U Daily is a free investment e-letter containing information on courses, videos, conferences, and additional assorted resources. The e-letter was designed to answer the question of how true financial freedom is attained. The Oxford Club refers to this concept as liberty through wealth, and provides the answers.

Siteline Cabinetry for Happier Kitchens

People tend to buy houses based on two key areas – bathrooms and kitchens. However, a kitchen is the heart of many homes and the central socializing space. When starting renovation many people choose to renovate the kitchen first and leave other parts of the house to different times if they can avoid it. The kitchen often becomes the hub where the family members greet and get to see each other for more than a couple of minutes a day. Therefore if you want to make your kitchen happy, you should spruce it up a little bit when you can and allow it to help create the memories for friends and family.

A Beautiful Kitchen is a Happy One

Sideline Cabinetry wants to help you make your kitchen happier. Modern and traditional are combined in the kitchen cabinets Siteline Cabinetry offers its current and future clients. They offer classic and contemporary designs, and the prices are affordable so your bank account will not be wiped clean after you install them.

Kitchens should be designed to be both inviting and practical Siteline Cabinetry knows how vital storage is in any kitchen and they want to make sure that there is enough storage for each client’s individual needs. A wide variety of different materials offer possibilities to personalize your kitchen, and it will last for years to come.

The cabinets are created to order, and that means the designs have to be finished before any production can begin. There are several features and particular styles people tend to look for and here are some of them.

The Shaker Style Cabinets

People still choose Shaker Style as well as the traditional black and white style. They know what to expect from this design and modern technology works well with it too.


More often than not people want their kitchen to be unique to their space. They also want to add a color scheme as well as custom-designed features for storage and built-in appliances.

Technology First

Kitchen appliances have changed over the last five to ten years. The technology is now as advanced as ever, and the company wants to include it in their design options adding a modern, technology-oriented touch.

No matter which style suits you best, Siteline Cabinetry offers quality products to their customers because they care about their customers and their kitchens.

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Securus Technologies, the Number One Provider of Prison Communications Services

Providing prison communication and security services can at times get tricky. In any penitentiary, it is common for you to find bad and the very worst of individuals ever to roam planet earth. Driven by self-interests, they do everything including anything to satisfy their weird desires, something that does not end even when they are behind bars.


It is at such a juncture that Securus Technologies steps in. For more than three decades, the company has been the leading provider of prison communication services. However, with time, Securus Technologies has become smarter introducing new features into its prisons’ communication networks to monitor operations in and out of the jail environment.


To a large extent, the technology currently provided for by Securus has proven to be worthwhile, helping security agencies monitor and apprehend cartels that operate within and out of the American Penitentiary system. Today, Securus Technologies is an employer to more than a thousand people and serves more than two thousand correctional facilities across the U.S.


Under the stewardship of Richard A. Smith, Securus Technologies has been able to grow and expand outdoing its competitors in more ways than one. Presently, the company boasts of its cell Phone Defender technology. Thanks to the tech, Securus has helped prison facilities to discourage illegal activities within their confines indirectly. Other services rendered by Securus Technologies include cataloging detainee information and parolee tracking.


Since Securus provides new products and services weekly, it has been subject to many positive reviews from customers. For example, state agencies have been able to prosecute felons based on information given by Securus Technologies. Also, Securus Technologies has gotten applauded because of its unique tools that have helped forensic teams do a thorough investigation, something that has helped bring criminals to book. To a large extent, Securus Technologies has helped shield society from vices that occur within the prison environment.



Understanding the groups that fight for human rights


Millions of people do not understand the importance of fighting for the human rights. The main reason for this confusion is that there are several people whose rights have never been violated. Some of the citizens do not understand the weight of violating another person’s rights.

Millions of other citizens are just assuming their rights, and they do not mind if others step on them. Usually, the citizens complain when it is too late to prevent certain things. In order to prevent the results and consequences of violating the human rights, different organizations have decided to stand up for the public and help the people to make sound decisions.

The case of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the co-founders of Village Voice Media. The duo equally cofounded the Phoenix New York Times. When they were exposing the rot within the state of Arizona, Jim and Michael were wrongfully arrested.

The journalists understood their professional roles as well as the laws of defamation. Having called for the implementation of the first amendment, the Sheriff of Maricopa County decided to use his powers to intimidate the gentlemen. Larkin and Lacey were confiscated from their homes in the middle of the night. This act was against the human rights. There were no fair hearings or any cause for the arrest.

The Frontera Fund

After being declared innocent by the courts, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey received a sum of 3.75 million dollars. For the first time in their encounters, the journalists felt the pain of human rights violation.

There were several people who were suffering because their rights were getting violated every time. Because of the conviction, Jim and Michael decided to donate the entire donation to the organizations that support human rights.

International Migrants Rights Advocacy

The International Migrants Rights Advocacy is an organization that is dedicated to the provision of quality security to the immigrants. Thousands of immigrants have been compromised within the host countries as well as in the borders.

The organization does not work in seclusion. It has included several other organizations around the world in order to help the immigrants fight for their rights. Having been started in the United States, the organization has formed partnerships with others in Canada and Mexico. It works with the Global Coalition on Migration.

Women in Migration Network

During the process of migration, women get compromised a lot. They are vulnerable to attacks and different forms of casualties. The fact that these women cannot defend themselves put them in a situation that can be hard to save them. The Women in Migration Network is an organization where the rights of the women are protected. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The organization works with the International Migrants Rights Advocacy to ensure that the rights of the women are protected. At the borders, women need special security and attention. Thousands of women have died in the process of crossing the borders because of the difficulties which they encounter.

The organization has dedicated its resources in the past to ensure total safety. More plans are in place for the future cases.