Scott Rocklage: 5AM Ventures

Scott Rocklage has been a managing partner of 5AM Ventures since 2004. He mainly specializes in the biopharmaceuticals division. 5AM Venture Management Company LLC is a company that specializes in the management of start up companies, growth capital companies, and companies that are in their early stages.

They do have a preference though, and prefer mainly to invest their time and money into life science companies, who focus on the development of drugs and biopharmaceuticals. Read more: Sccot Racklage | Bloomberg

Scott Rocklage has a very impressive background. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also known for being an inventor and a co-inventor, and has over 30 United States patents. He has also written peer reviewed publications and has more than one hundred of them.

Scott Rocklage, otherwise known under the name Dr. Rocklage, has also been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, and has several drugs that have been approved by the administration themselves. His impressive history doesn’t stop there. He also served as president and CEO of a company called Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutary, and Chairman, President, and CEO of Nycomed Interventional.

Doctor Rocklage has an extensive history in healthcare management, with over twenty years of experience in that field. He knows his way around biotech, biopharmaceuticals, and anything that involves drugs for the human body.

He is a genius in his field, and being backed by the Federal Drug Administration, he is very trusted at what he does and had been able to invest in about right other companies.

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The Amazing Career of Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures

Scott M. Rocklage


The Importance of Civil Rights Organizations across the World

Over the years, countries around the world have developed constitutions that have helped protect human rights. This was necessitated by the dictatorial regimes that have been in existence where the violation of human rights was the norm of the day. Racism has been one major problem that has affected people leading to poor living conditions.

Africans have been the principal victims of human rights abuses owing to the nature of their skin and background. As such, civil rights organizations and activism have emerged in the United States of America. The groups have fought for the rights of black people from government oppressions, detention without trial and racial discrimination.

This saw the rise of renowned activists like Martin Luther King who was instrumental in the liberation of the black population. He was instrumental in the election of former United States of America President JF Kennedy in early 1960s.

The black community relied on the election of President JFK as the one who would bring change and respect to human rights. It has taken decades of struggle to attain human rights freedom where different races are treated equally. Civil rights organizations around the world have been instrumental in shaping the living standards of migrants who face oppression in foreign countries.

For instance, The Civil Rights Division in the United States of America has contributed towards uplifting the living and working standards of migrants. The organization is mandated with addressing issues related to human rights violation and abuses.

The division is tasked with carrying out investigations in discrimination in areas of employment, education, and housing. Human trafficking has been a major violation of human rights, and as such, the division has established rules that have been used to curb human trafficking menace.

People have also developed an interest in the civil rights activism. This has led to the establishment of funds geared towards supporting public activism. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are notable figures that have promoted the works of human rights liberations. Their principal interest is raising human rights awareness through the broadcast and print media.

They have established Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media that they use to spearhead the human rights activism and liberation. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin made headlines when they were paid $3.75 million has settlement fees from their case with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The two were arrested by the County Sheriff in October 2007 for allegedly highlighting the existence of a grand jury that wanted to use notes from the reporters to build on the Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s case.

They fought for their rights and through the United States of America’s Court of Appeal, the case was won. They later established The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund that has been advocating for civil rights for the oppressed.

The fund focuses on fighting for freedom of speech and association that has been eroded from the migrants. As such, migrants have found a place where they can air their views and concerns regarding their fight for equal opportunities.

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Rick Smith Advances Securus Through Technology

In addition to being experienced in finances and telecommunications, Mr. Smith is highly knowledge of technology thanks to his background in engineering. He has worked tirelessly to implement new investment opportunities for rising technological trends in Securus. This served as the basis for Mr. Smith’s idea to give inmates access to video chat with their family members. He had the realization that many loved ones of the inmates are unable to come and visit in person. Video chat allows them to speech face to face, as opposed to telephone calls in which they are unable to have facial visits. The telecommunication industry is riveted by this progressive idea and it is widely believed this will lead to even further improvements. Video chat inside of prisons has many other benefits including improved safety ability and also the ability for inmates to talk to other people at an increased rate. This will be huge money saving factor for prisons, but most importantly it will raise the spirits of the inmates and put them in better moods.

In 2008, Securus found the key to their success in Rick Smith, a proven telecommunications expert. He was chosen as their CEO as a result of his experience and knowledge of the telecom business. During his time at Securus, Mr. Smith has been able to improve the products and services that Securus is known for, as well as quality improvement by all accounts. In addition, he has expanded their reach to more people and companies. Mr. Smith is an experience financial expert, but he is also knowledgeable in a variety of business related fields. He has made a name for himself by proving to me an upstanding member of the community and by always looking to improve upon himself and his knowledge. The home base of Securus is Dallas, Texas but they are well known all over the country. Over a million inmates use Securus as their telephone company of choice. Rick Smith Securus also provides services to a large number of law enforcement and public agencies all over the country. Read more articles at

Mr. Smith built his foundation in telecommunications at Global Crossing, a company that he was employed at for the first 26 years of his career. Echelon Telecom gave him a huge opportunity when they then offered him the position as their Chief Financial Officer, and he served in that position for two years. He later became the President, and in 2003 he was promoted to CEO. He was able to bring $320 million of additional income to Echelon while he worked there. Echelon’s IPO score also increased under Mr. Smith’s watchful eye and he led them toward a newer and more innovative business plan. In 2007, Mr. Smith left and became the CEO, President, and Chairman of Securus.

Karl Heideck, Risk Management and Compliance Litigation

What To Do When You Need Litigation Services in Philadelphia

If you are in need of litigation services from a Philadelphia attorney, it is important that you learn a little bit about the field and the attorneys that practice within it. Litigation is a very important area of law that can serve you any time that a court case situation ends up on your path. To get a reasonable resolution to your litigation needs, consider these points below so that you are able to hire a great Philadelphia litigator.

Looking for great service from a Philadelphia litigator

Whenever you require litigation services, be sure that you touch base with the local Bar Association in order to start getting some recommendations. The recommendations that you will receive will allow you to start contacting legal firms to see about their experience. When checking out a legal firm’s experience, you need to find out whether attorneys went to college and how many years they have been practicing. Any litigation professionals should have a law degree and should have passed the state bar exam.

Who is the best litigator in Philadelphia?

Without question, you can count on great service when you decide to hire Karl Heideck. Not only has Karl Heideck cut his teeth in the legal field representing corporations and government officials, he also looks out for less established clients, as he offers pro bono services. Karl Heideck Has been practicing litigation for more than 10 years and in this more than 10 years, has had the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience.

If you need the help of a risk management or compliance attorney who also is very skilled at legal research and legal writing, you will be able to count on Karl Heideck. He is very educated and skilled in all facets of litigation.

So if this makes sense to you, start out by contacting Hire Counsel in order to get the representation that you need from Karl Heideck.


Doe Deere Believes In Magical Cosmetics

Doe Deere was born in Russia. Then she moved to the New York City. She is the CEO as well as the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics.



She believes that cosmetics are not designed to conceal imperfections only. These can be considered as a form of self-expression and freedom. She says that beauty is all about what is feeling right for the person at the moment. It was in 2008 that she developed and then launched her line of cosmetics that are colorful and magical, besides being cruelty-free.



Lime Crime is the name of her brand. These are intensely pigmented cosmetics that are bold, and vibrant. This brand of Doe Deere enjoys the international fan following today. This Lime Crime brand has lipsticks, and eye shadows, besides nail polishes. All the shades are highly vivid and bright!



Doe Deere started out small. But she has managed to achieve a huge success that is entirely on her own terms. She supports other businesses and entrepreneurship that are owned by women. This is why she loves to speak about finding your own voice. She wants women to follow their ambition. Doe Deere has spoken at public events that include PHAMExpo as well as Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour.



This is not all. Doe Deere is like a mentor to several other aspiring women entrepreneurs. She is even asking them to contact her through Instagram if they are looking for any advice.



It was in 2004 that Doe Deere registered a new account called “limecrime” on eBay. This was her DIY fashion line. In fact, she was modeling everything herself. This was when colorful makeup became her staple as she wanted her look to be branded.



This makeup brand idea had come to her during her sewing days. This was when she realized that finding colors that were bright and unusual was not easy. This is why in 2008 she launched Lime Crime.



Doe Deere is the CEO of her company. She is a hands-on person. She likes to make sure that all her departments are running in a smooth manner. She wants to be around to provide guidance as and when it is needed. Hence some days she is looking at new products, while on other days she is looking at marketing or social media. She likes to brainstorming with her Chief Creative Officer on everything that is new and trendy. She knows that bringing ideas to life is very important. She likes to nurture them and make them successful. She has a wonderful team that helps her to push things forward. She always tests her products on herself or wears them before she is putting them out on the shelf for her customers!